High Court throws out Wild Justice muirburn judicial review

Save money on your favourite fieldsports magazine by taking out a subscription today.  Wild Justice’s attempts to disrupt the muirburn season have been thrown out of court at a judicial review. Wild Justice has been ordered to pay £10,000 in costs to Defra, the National Gamekeeper’s Organisation, the Countryside Alliance…


Scottish Gamekeepers Association attacks BASC over deer plans

In a scathing blog, SGA Chairman Alex Hogg questioned the motive behind the BASC plan. Alex said: “If this is about opportunism and winning new shooting grounds for members, then there is likely to be questions asked about how this will make things better for deer management in Scotland today.”…

Aim to Sustain

Fieldsports bodies maximise voice with Aim to Sustain

Aim To Sustain launched at the Game Fair 2021, comprising BASC, the Countryside Alliance, the British Game Alliance (BGA), the CLA, the Game Farmers’ Association, the Moorland Association, the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation and Scottish Land & Estates. Liam Stokes, chief executive of the BGA, described Aim to Sustain as: “……


Shotgun certificate renewals took even longer in 2020, BASC research shows

What is the current shotgun certificate renewal time? The British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC) has just published research which shows that shotgun certificate (SGC) renewals are taking longer, an average of 49 days in 2020 (compared with 43 days in 2019) and firearms certificate (FAC) renewals 56 days,…

Large Munsterlander

Fieldsports organisations back move to end lead-shot game

The announcement by the The National Game Dealers Association (NGDA) that its members will not accept lead-shot game from next year has been welcomed by fieldsports bodies including the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), Countryside Alliance (CA), British Game Alliance (BGA) and Game Farmers’ Association (GFA). Retailers had…

Shotgun cartridges

Shooting groups defend progress on lead transition

Non-toxic shot progress Shooting organisations have defended the progress of the five-year transition away from the use of lead and single-use plastics in shotgun ammunition. The plan to make shooting more sustainable and to head off Government regulation has come under attack for not making enough progress after a study…

protesters on a shoot day

What do when faced with protestors on a shoot

What are the practical measures you can take to maintain safety and de-escalate a situation if you are unlucky enough to be confronted by protesters on a shoot day? Confrontation and intimidation Remember that extremists amongst animal rights groups frequently work to the same agenda – that of confrontation and…

boy climbing tree

New Natural History GCSE to help young understand natural world

Cambridge Assessment has confirmed that its UK exam board OCR is developing a new GCSE in Natural History, following a consultation open to all parties. The idea was proposed by conservationist Mary Colwell, who wants “to make nature part of British society again”. She was concerned that young people were…

Shooting on a drive

Why ALL shooters should be members of a fieldsports organisation

If you shoot but are not a member 
of any fieldsports organisations, does 
that make you a freeloader? It’s a contentious question. In January 2017, I wrote: “To me, enjoying your shooting without being a member of any fieldsports organisations is short-sighted and perhaps even selfish. Surely there is an…

shooters going to peg

BASC announces a £1m plus ‘Fighting Fund’ to protect shooting

In response to recent challenges by the likes of Wild Justice, the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has announced that it has launched a seven figure fund to enable the body to launch effective legal defences that threaten the shooting community’s future. BASC chairman Eoghan Cameron spoke to…

rifle accuracy checks

How to get a firearm certficate

Advice on how to get your firearm certificate with information on what police are looking for, what counts as good reason to own a firearm and what variations are

Wildfowler waiting

What are the latest waiting times for shotgun and firearm certificates?

Just how long does it take to receive or renew a shotgun licence or firearms certificate these days. Your firearms and/or shotgun waiting time all depends on where you live. Shotgun licence waiting time in 2019 The table below created by British Association of Shooting & Conservation (BASC) shows the…

Canada geese

Defra reissues temporary general licences ahead of deadline

Defra has reissued six general licences on a temporary basis for the control of wild birds. The temporary general licences in question  (GL26, GL28, GL31, GL34, GL35 and GL36) will be reissued from 1 March to 31 July 2020.  Licence users do not need to take further action, other than…

Jobs in shooting

What’s one of the biggest issues for firearms certificate holders at the moment?

A big concern for shooters last year was police forces demanding that firearm certificate applications were independently medically verified, according to the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). This demand is not in line with Home Office advice. Bill Harriman, BASC’s director of firearms described the situation as: “the…


Following in the footsteps of famous wildfowlers

You might not have heard of him but if you’re a member of BASC — and by my reckoning you ought to be — you owe a great deal to a railway engineer called Stanley Duncan. In 1907 Old Man Duncan, as he came to be known, moved to Hull…


Liverpool city council condemns shooting of all animals as “barbaric”

A cross-party motion at a meeting of Liverpool city council on the evening of 16 October 2019 has condemned shooting of all animals as “barbaric.” The motion was put forward after plans for the British Shooting Show to take place in Liverpool in September 2020 were pulled by the council,…