We’ve rounded up a selection of guns for under £1000. Some new and some second-hand but all reliable, reputable and well-reviewed.

shotguns for under £1000

20 best shotguns for under £1000

Lincoln Vogue Game 
20-bore Country of origin: Italy Price: £925 new The elegance of this gun suggests that it should cost more than £1,000. The action is neatly blacked to match the barrels, and the inlaid gold-coloured game birds form a neat contrast with the trigger. Even the internal workings…

Pair of Purdey guns

Can I buy a Purdey or Holland & Holland on a budget?

Is it possible to buy a Purdey or Holland & Holland side-by-side on a budget of between £2,000 to £3,000? If so, would it be reliable for gameshooting all the time and not just for special occasions?

Secondhand value-for-money semi-auto shotguns Hatsan Escort Magnum

Three value-for-money secondhand semi-auto shotguns

Hatsan Escort Magnum Target Price: £330 In the 1960s, two trend-setting semi-autos were introduced – one from the USA and the other from Italy. Both were no-nonsense guns that became favourites, primarily with clay target and pigeon shooters. The American offering was the Remington 1100, while the Beretta A300 came from Italy. The Remmie was so…

A closer look at a Baikal shotgun

A closer look at a Baikal shotgun

Considering a Baikal shotgun? Mike George explains why the Russian-built shotgun is one of his top ten guns produced during the last half-century

Webley & Scott Xocet

Webley & Scott Xocet

Both my shooting partner, Paul, and I were intrigued to find out what the new, affordable Xocet from Webley & Scott would be like. Coming from a famous stable with a background of solid, dependable guns, I really hoped that it wasn’t going to be a cheap item hiding behind a good name. My fears were quickly put…

Huglu 103 DE

Budget shotguns

Lincoln Premier A bestseller, the Premier satisfies the need for an elegant and practical shotgun at a reasonable price. It features fine chequering, internally chromed bore and chambers for improved lifespan and better distributed shot patterns, and is available in 12- or 20-bore. Key features: Three-year warranty as standard, fine-pitch laser chequering with double-grip pattern. Bisley Price: from £800   Huglu 103 DE…

Midland Gun Company

Midland Gun Company Single-Barrel .410

The Midland Gun Company was formed in 1889, making it in some ways a relative newcomer to the Birmingham gun scene. It grew to become quite a large business and manufactured a broad range of worthy, if sometimes rather substantial, shotguns as well as carrying out subcontract work for the trade…

Webley Stingray Express LE

Webley Stingray Express LE

Webley & Scott was one of our oldest gunmakers but sadly it ceased manufacturing in Britain in 2005 and all its airguns are now made in Turkey. It is a shame because the penultimate years bore some classic air rifles. This was largely influenced by the merger of Venom Arms…

Hatsan Escort Magnum Xtreme

Hatsan Escort Magnum Xtreme

Around 10 years ago, I reviewed a camouflaged Hatsan 20-bore semi-auto and commented at the time that to turn up with it on a formal gameshoot would be akin to introducing a young lady of dubious reputation to your very respectable mother and announcing marriage plans. To continue the analogy, that same…

Diana Model 48

Diana Model 48

The Diana gun-works in Germany is one of the oldest air rifle makers in Europe. Formed in 1890, it celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2015, when it was taken over by German Sports Guns. Diana has always produced air rifles for both the common shooter and the enthusiast, as well as offering…

Marocchi SI 12

Marocchi SI 12

This Marocchi SI 12 semi-auto, supplied by Viking Arms, is a gun that has had very little press in the UK – it should have, though. The company was founded by Stefano Marocchi in 1922. In the early days, the business made high-class components for side-by-side guns, then in the late 50s made…

Akkar 206 Double Crown

Akkar 206 Double Crown

Even the most casual observer of the shotgun market in the UK cannot fail to have noticed the increasing appearance of Turkish guns on gunshop shelves up and down the country. With the seemingly endlessly popular and desirable Italian and Japanese-made guns from the likes of Beretta and Browning firmly sticking to…

Rifle Scopes

Five rifle scopes for under £600

Every month there seems to be a new addition to the long line of optics available to the rifle shooter. Be it vermin, foxes, or deer, every aspect, style, model and technological gizmo for rifle scopes has made its way into gunshops to entice shooters. I love scopes — well, anything optical really, but…

Belgian 12-bore sidelock

Before World War II, if you could not afford to buy an English gun there was the option of an economy Belgian alternative. Of course, not all shotguns proofed in Liège were cheap; the Belgians produced some stunning examples, if not always quite to the British taste, and they were major world…

ATA Arms SP Silver

Turkish shotguns

In gunmaking terms Turkey is famous for its wood – in particular its walnut. Better than the French Many people talk about French walnut but in fact the French imported it from Turkey during the Crusades. It might spark some comment and a bit of controversial chat but Turkish wood…

Pigeon shooting

Guns for pigeon shooting for under £500

If you’re gameshooting then you’ve got to be aware of etiquette. You have to dress the right way and say the right things. And be a safe Shot of course. Pigeon shooting is different – although you obviously still need to be a safe Shot. What you wear is dependent…

Hatsan Escort Magnum semi-automatic shotgun

Hatsan Escort Magnum semi-automatic shotgun

Semi-autos are a bit Marmite. You either love them or hate them. There’s no grey area. Turn up with one and you could become the shoot pariah, even if the event if a farmer’s knock-about vermin day. Don’t even start me on a camouflaged gun. In many people’s eyes that…

Browning Maxus stock

Popular second-hand semi-autos

Beretta ES100 Forty years ago, a semi-auto was a cheap gun, selling for a few hundred pounds. Then, as the guns became more mechanically complex, prices crept up until a “semi” sold for as much as a fairly good over-and-under. Prices seemed to be locked into an upward spiral until budget-…