A prospective keeper

Q) I go beating and help out on a shoot, and I would like to have a career as a gamekeeper. However, I am finding it difficult to come across anyone who would be prepared to take me on and give me a chance to enter the profession. I am…


Wildlife laws set for overhaul: The Game Acts could be first to go as Law Commission begins public consultation on revising wildlife legislation.

Hooked on raptors

Gamekeepers can be birdwatchers too, says Mike Swan

Improve your shoot with BASC

BASC: A BASC scheme designed to help shoots make the best use of their land kicks off in March.

Upland keeper

Experience is no longer enough to guarantee a successful gamekeeping

Penley Shoot

Youngsters get involved on a Chilterns shoot


The true importance of good brood cover needs to be better understood by all


Given their strong numbers, surely Brent geese should return to the quarry list?

BASC contacts local press to highlight shooting benefits

In preparation for the upcoming shooting season BASC has sent a letter to all local newspapers in the UK, highlighting the benefits of game shooting, game meat, and the conservation work carried out on shoots.

‘Rural Special’ Police

Keepers are the eyes and ears of the countryside, so a “rural special” police initiative in Hertfordshire makes perfect sense, says the NGO’s Tim Weston

New Award

Win for young gamekeeper

SGA outraged at gamekeeping slur

An investigation is demanded after animal welfare charities teach children that keepers use illegal traps to maim wildlife