Upland Keeper

The Fire Severity Index has proved ineffective in preventing moorland fires

Releasing birds into the wild

Releasing birds into the wild

Released birds notoriously struggle to breed in the wild. Selena Masson investigates what to do on your shoot to boost their chances of success

What should we do about our excess pheasants?

We have a large number of pheasants left after the season and considerably more than usual. In the past, these surplus birds have never seemed to produce any offspring and I have been told they could bring disease to the poults when they are released.

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Gamekeeping – Stock options

As the shooting season winds down and thoughts turn to next year’s stock, Liam Bell suggests how you can make the most of your remaining birds

Glenrinnes Shoot

Selena Masson ventures into the Scottish mountains to visit a spectacular pheasant shoot with an acclaimed moorland management scheme

Teaching the law to the police

Legal shooting sports are being misreported as crimes, but, as Tim Weston reports, gamekeepers are working to inform the police about rural matters

A new voice speaks for rural affairs

Selena Masson meets Alice Barnard, the new head of the Countryside Alliance, who has set aside her political ambitions to champion fieldsports

Is Taxidermy a dying art?

As the number of young shooters who can mount their own trophies diminishes, the art world is full of stuffed animals. Selena Masson reports on the state of taxidermy

Late-season grouse shooting

Late-season grouse shooting

Late-season grouse can offer a more affordable way to the moor but, as Selena Masson discovers, you need to be fast and flexible to bag such sport

Do smaller shoot days pay?

Small days can provide sport for a handful of Guns, but Alastair Balmain asks if they compromise a shoot’s ability to turn a profit in budget-cut Britain