Keeper: Moor restoration

When it comes to moor restoration, there is proof that radical solutions work

RSPB takes down ‘anti gamekeeper’ children’s game

RSPB takes down ‘anti gamekeeper’ children’s game: A recent children’s computer game on the RSPB’s website has angered fieldsports organisations. "Raptor Mountain" required the player to dodge shotguns, traps and poison to help birds of prey survive.


The close observational skills of a hedgerow keeper could prove useful today

Find your local Game Farm

Find your local Game Farm: Find Game Farmers in your local area, search for suppliers of pheasant & partridge poults, feed and supplies.

A prospective keeper

Q) I go beating and help out on a shoot, and I would like to have a career as a gamekeeper. However, I am finding it difficult to come across anyone who would be prepared to take me on and give me a chance to enter the profession. I am…


Wildlife laws set for overhaul: The Game Acts could be first to go as Law Commission begins public consultation on revising wildlife legislation.

Hooked on raptors

Gamekeepers can be birdwatchers too, says Mike Swan