grey squirrel

Airguns and summer squirrel shooting

Squirrel control using an air rifle can be a real bind during the summer months. Dense foliage can make it virtually impossible to spot your quarry in the treetops, and the abundance of natural food means it’s difficult to pinpoint them to any specific area. It was so much easier…

long-range bullets

Long-range bullets for pest control

Most of us shoot no further than 150 yards, but some pest controllers have to take longer shots. George Wallace looks at the bullets that work best at long-range


Q) I have just taken possession of a small underlever tap-loading air rifle in very good condition, but lacking maker’s marks. I have been told it is a BSA. It is stamped with the number “1” near the loading tap and has the number “L16829” marked just above the trigger…

Gun reviews: Puma .22LR synthetic sporter rifle

Gun reviews: Puma .22LR synthetic sporter rifle: If you are looking for a bargain-priced rimfire, ideal for pest control, look no further. Bruce Potts tests a CZ 'clone' and likes its accuracy.

CZ512 .22LR semi-auto rifle

CZ512 .22LR semi-auto rifle

The CZ512 .22LR semi-auto rifle is not as accurate as the CZ455 but it feels right as a no-nonsense hunting firearm

Which guns for greys?

Squirrels offer the opportunity to match a variety of guns and techiques — it all depends on the squirrelling, says Bruce Potts

The perfect pest cartridge

Choosing the right bullet is crucial for vermin control - Bruce Potts put the redoubtable Palmisano Pindell Cartridge through its paces