Wildlife laws set for overhaul: The Game Acts could be first to go as Law Commission begins public consultation on revising wildlife legislation.

Gamekeepers vital in combating rural crime

The National Gamekeepers' Organisation (NGO) has told a committee of MPs that gamekeepers play a vital role in combating rural crime, and are ''overwhelmingly a force for good in the countryside''.

Poaching on the increase

High meat prices is one of the factors being blamed for an increase in poaching

Vigilance urged after poaching of famous stag

In the wake of the illegal poaching of a stag dubbed the ‘Goodleigh Giant’ in north Devon, the Countryside Alliance has urged those who use the countryside to be vigilant of poachers, or risk long-term damage to shooting and other forms of wildlife management.

ASBO served to poacher

A man arrested for poaching offences in the Humberside area has been served with an ASBO

Cracking rural crime

Ian Thew reports on a new police scheme in the New Forest that is impressing the local community with its dynamic approach

Teaching the law to the police

Legal shooting sports are being misreported as crimes, but, as Tim Weston reports, gamekeepers are working to inform the police about rural matters

Fish shooting group arrested in Cambridgeshire

Police arrested a 33-year-old man from Kazakhstan earlier this month, after reports of a group of fishermen firing a shotgun into Twenty Foot Drain, a manmade channel near March, in Cambridgeshire.

Crimestoppers move to tackle poaching in Scotland

The Partnership for Action against Wildlife Crime (PAW) Scotland has introduced a new campaign to encourage the reporting of poaching to their local police or through Crimestoppers.