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Are spare parts still available for my BSA Standard air rifle?

I own an old BSA Standard air rifle in .22 calibre which has been in fairly regular use since the 1950s. I need to fit new springs and washers and I was thinking of fitting a telescopic sight because I find it not to be as accurate as it once

Nightime shooting demonstrations to be held

Nite Site and the Sportsman Gun Centre Newport will be hosting a shooting event at the Severn Side Ranges, Caldicott on Wednesday 18th January, where shooters can test the latest advancement in night vision technology with a selection of air guns.

Mauser M03

Mauser M03 synthetic .223

Bruce Potts finds out if the synthetic switchbarrel Mauser M03 deserves its good reputation

Has the German riflescope firm Pecar gone bust?

I have a German Pecar riflescope which is absolutely brilliant but I have been told the firm has gone bust. Is that true? And if so, has anyone bought the name in case I ever need repairs, or to claim under the warranty?

Scope with a bullet drop

Q) I want to buy a rifle scope, but require one with some form of bullet drop compensation built in. What do you recommend? T. CARSLAKE By email

Laser rifle scopes on test

Finding a reliable scope with an integrated laser range finding device can be a confusing business.

Swapping your rifle scope

Quick-detach scopes obviate the need for two guns, but are these handy gadgets really as accurate and easy to use as their manufacturers claim?

Kahles Scopes review

Kahles Scopes review: They have superb optics and stick to zero like glue, so why hasn’t Bruce Potts tried a Kahles scope before?