Mauser M03

Mauser M03 synthetic .223

Bruce Potts finds out if the synthetic switchbarrel Mauser M03 deserves its good reputation

Has the German riflescope firm Pecar gone bust?

I have a German Pecar riflescope which is absolutely brilliant but I have been told the firm has gone bust. Is that true? And if so, has anyone bought the name in case I ever need repairs, or to claim under the warranty?

Scope with a bullet drop

Q) I want to buy a rifle scope, but require one with some form of bullet drop compensation built in. What do you recommend? T. CARSLAKE By email

Laser rifle scopes on test

Finding a reliable scope with an integrated laser range finding device can be a confusing business.

Swapping your rifle scope

Quick-detach scopes obviate the need for two guns, but are these handy gadgets really as accurate and easy to use as their manufacturers claim?

Kahles Scopes review

Kahles Scopes review: They have superb optics and stick to zero like glue, so why hasn’t Bruce Potts tried a Kahles scope before?