Shooting footwear

The Imperial Explorer by Fairfax & Favor. Voted best new footwear in the 2017 Shooting Industry Awards.

Footwear often becomes a hard decision for Guns. But fear not, for here is a quick guide to shooting footwear for different disciplines in different types of climate.

Wellington Boots

Wellies, gum boots, whatever you may call them, you would have almost certainly seen a pair of these wandering through a shooting field. But what advantages do they actually bring?

For one, they keep your feet warm and dry on the wettest and coldest of days and even on dry days they have a high enough leg guard to keep mud out. These would be most useful in any kind of game shooting or clayshooting.

The question remains as to what brand of boots you should buy. At the top of the range come Le Chameau and Seeland with prices from £150. For affordability Dunlop have a good range of wellies starting at just £7.

However, for activities like walked-up shooting, we’d recommend you wear walking boots rather than wellies. You’ll be dealing with uneven ground so you need some firm ankle support.

Walked up shooting

Walked-up shooting poses its own challenges, and you can expect to cross miles of rugged terrain

Stalking and Grouse Boots

As wellies are made from rubber, they aren’t the stealthiest of footwear. Therefore, for stalking a deer or walking through thick heather,  look for lighter and sturdier shooting footwear. These boots are usually covering your ankles for support and can be accompanied with gaiters which protect to your knee.

If you are stalking in hot conditions with little chance of a downpour, I would suggest a more breathable boot to keep your foot cool and comfortable. Jack Pyke do excellent sturdy boots at reasonable prices around £85. Harkila are more expensive but worth a look.

Rubicon boots

Rubicon boots by Brandecosse

And for afterwards

Shooting footwear

Velvet pheasant slippers by Campbells of Beauly


After a long day in the field, it’s time to relax tired feet. A pair of stylish slippers with a suitable fieldsports motif is a classic.

Read through our articles on footwear for shooting below to make the right choices.

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9 of the best wellies for the field

Jack Pyke Ashcombe Part of Jack Pyke’s recently launched Ashcombe range, which includes neoprene topped and gusseted versions, this zipped boot features a 3mm neoprene lining and a high-grip rubber sole. Buy Jack Pyke Ashcombe now at Amazon £70   Seeland All Round Our tester said: “These boots from Seeland have…

10 of the best boots for shooting

1. Meindl Glockner Boots RRP 294.99 Very hard-wearing. Robust nubuck leather uppers, with a GORE-TEX lining for waterproofing and breathability allow you to use these in complete comfort in any environment.   2. Le Chameau Men’s Chameau-Lite LCX 10″ Stalking Boot RRP £299 Better known for its leather-lined rubber boots,…

Aigle wellies

Why Aigle wellies are in step with fieldsports lovers

Aigle wellies may not be quite as mainstream as some other well-known brands but once you’re a fan, you’re a fan. I’ve had a pair for around five years that have faithfully followed me up hill, down dale, through mud and river and they’re still as waterproof and comfortable as…

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Best socks for shooting – some tips Whilst all the socks below are washable, make sure you look at the washing instructions carefully. If you wash and dry them too hot, they could well end up shrunken, tight and unwearable. When you’re buying socks, look for those which have a…

Bargain shooting kit

Bargain shooting kit you’ll want to snap up

Dubarry Leitrim women’s leather boots £149 WAS £279 Stylish and practical, these 3/4 height boots are made from Dubarry’s water resistant DryFast-DrySoft™ leathers, breathable and lined with GORE-TEX®. Dubarry Verney Carron Beauceron Vest £19.95 WAS £44.95 100% Cotton Hunting Vest from Verney Carron, France’s Premium Shooting Brand. Excellent quality and value…

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Hunter wellies

Hunter has re-engineered its wellies for shooters, keepers and stalkers

Ten years ago, supermodel Kate Moss might have turned heads when she attended the Glastonbury Festival wearing a skimpy pair of shorts matched with a pair of green Hunter boots, but, as time would show, she also helped turn the company’s focus in a different direction. For in wearing those rubber boots…

Hunter Balmoral Neoprene Zip wellies

Hunter Balmoral Neoprene Zip wellies: Hunter make a wide range of Balmoral boots but these are probably the most practical for shooters - the neoprene full zip version.

Harkila Pro Hunter GTX 12″ Boots

Pro Hunter is a boot at the top of its class. This boot is made from the best, most comfortable materials, and is sturdy and ruggedly built to the highest standards of comfort and protection.