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Rifle skills: Seven elements to a good firing position

We will cover the seven elements to a good firing position for the prone position, but they should also be part of your approach for good rifle shooting when taking a shot from sitting, kneeling or standing — we’ll look at the variations within each of the elements in those positions next time. For simplicity’s sake, we have described this as for the right-handed shooter, so reverse the instructions for left and right sides if you are left-handed.

Practise good rifle shooting positions often

As with all of this series, it’s worth trying these techniques out without live ammunition at home. Practise them often enough and they’ll become part of your normal rifle routine.

The seven elements that are crucial to all good shooting positions are,

1 Left hand, left elbow, legs.

2 Right hand.

3 Right arm, right elbow.

4 Rifle butt position.

5 Cheek to stock.

6 Breathing.

7 Relaxation.