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Rifle technique: bore-sighting and zeroing


To capitalise on your rifle technique, you’ll want the rifle to be as steady as possible, so this is best done from the prone position or from a bench. Use rests or rice bags to adjust the rifle’s position so that there is as little movement as possible — rice bags are excellent as they will allow you to move the rifle into position by “massaging” the bag.
With all zeroing, it’s important to remember that this is not a marksmanship exercise. In fact, you ought to remove as much of your influence on the gun as possible. Remember, this is purely a way to ensure that your rifle will perform to its best standard.


Take as much of your influence away from the rifle when it comes to zeroing so, as with the bore-sighting, you should get the rifle into a rock-steady position, where all you are doing is squeezing the trigger and cycling the bolt. American scopes have minute-of-angle adjustments, which means that there will be four clicks to an inch at 100m, while European scopes are calculated in millimetres, so take three clicks to adjust an inch at 100m.