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Rifle skills: Get in position

In this rifle skills video we’ll be looking at the various positions you can shoot from. Remember you should not immediately expect 1in groups at 100m from these positions; ascertain what you can and can’t expect from each of them, and then you can decide when each is acceptable for live quarry.

Keep your centre of gravity as low as possible to minimise the wind’s effect on stability. You’ll never achieve a completely still sight picture — learn to recognise what is an acceptable amount of movement, and where to take the shot. The movement should be tiny concentric circles around your point of aim. Don’t try to prevent movement completely, as you’ll tense up and create problems.

I’m not advising unsupported shots at live quarry, but practise unsupported, and it will give you a stronger position. Sticks should be an extra aid, refining your original position, rather than you building your position up around them.

Once you’ve established which positions suit you best by dry-firing, try with live ammunition to discover which gives you the best recoil management.