subsonic .22LR ammunition

Ammunition is one of the core elements of the shooting experience.

Choosing the right load is key – and will depend on the gun being used, the level of shooting expertise, the quarry, the terrain and the target.

Is it best to buy online or visit a specialist supplier?

Here our team of experts at Shooting UK give you the latest information on choosing and using the right ammunition, whether shotgun cartridges or air rifle pellets, with tips on storing, wearing and maintaining it safely.

cartridge safety rules

Cartridge safety rules

Reloading your shotgun cartridges is popular in places like America but nobody in the UK (with the possible exception of a few wildfowlers) seems to bother. Why is this?

.308 Win cartridge

What’s the right cartridge for red deer?

Deer stalking: I plan to get involved in deer stalking on my father’s farm and two neighbouring Estates where there are Roe, Fallow and a few Sika. Can you recommend a calibre that will cope equally well with all three species?

checking a scope

How to check your scope

As the bullet is the last thing to have contact with the barrel as it leaves and is the first thing that hits your quarry, the uniformity of the projectile is paramount in achieving good, consistent accuracy.

.22 long rifle

Is the rimfire .22 long rifle cartridge the top seller in the UK?

However an intelligent guess is that the rimfire .22 Long Rifle is leading the way. And, to do a bit more guessing, subsonic variations on the Long Rifle theme must be the most popular. The reason? Subsonic ammo for competition is more accurate than supersonic, and pinpoint accuracy is desirable…

pigeon flying

Will Garfit on cartridges for pigeon shooting

A recent question from a reader asked what cartridges I used for pigeon shooting. The answer is simple: Gamebore Velocity, 28gram loaded with No.7½ shot. But the explanation for my choice is more complicated and requires some explanation. A miss is a miss I am no cartridge or ballistics geek…

shotgun cartridges

Why the shot in cartridges should be made of gold

Lead has been used for shot and bullets for centuries; not because it is ideal in all applications but because it is the best compromise. It is cheap when compared to many other metals, heavy enough to maintain velocity and energy over relatively long distances and is soft enough not…


Your cartridges are going to cost you more

Thinking of buying new cartridges to replenish your dwindling stock? If so, perhaps you should do it sooner rather than later. The rising cost of lead on the world market in 2016 forced UK cartridge makers to increase prices last month and there’s no guarantee they won’t go up again…

cartridge review by female Gun

A female Shot reviews cartridges

With the number of female shooters growing, we thought that it was about time we asked a keen female Shot, Laura Ohrman, to review some cartridges for us. She is a keen Gun and was happy to oblige. So she took some slabs out with her on a shoot day with…


Why cartridge prices are rising

Speaking to Shooting Times, David Bontoft, managing director of premium brand Hull Cartridge, said that despite widespread talk of “nasty cartridge people”, the price rises were unavoidable due to the global cost of lead soaring by 20 per cent in 2016 and the value of the pound falling against the…

airgun pellets

What if I load airgun pellets backwards?

Q: I’ve heard that loading airgun pellets backwards is a great way to achieve a dum-dum effect when controlling pests such as rats. Does it work and could it damage the barrel of my airgun? A: Loading airgun pellets backwards is unlikely to harm your barrel but it is not conducive to accurate…

man shooting .17HMR

Is this new rimfire cartridge any good?

A: Yes, this new cartridge looks to be very interesting to anyone who likes small calibres. It is a rival to the .17 HMR cartridge, which is also a rimfire, but the WSM or Winchester Super Magnum is a more powerful round. Its brass case is roughly 50 per cent thicker than the .17 HMR The .17 WSM…


Shotgun cartridges for geese reviewed

A wild goose chase can be exactly what it says on the tin, so when  you get the birds in range you want the confidence that you are packing sufficient power to get one in the bag. Goose shooting can take place in a range of different scenarios, from decoying at close range to foreshore flighting…

Cartridges in belt

How to choose the right cartridge

There are lots of different makes and thousands of configurations of cartridge on the market, so many in fact that even many experienced shots don’t fully understand all the terminology. When it comes to choosing cartridges, everyone has their own ideas. Despite the increasing popularity of the 20 bore shotguns, the 12 still rules the roost. By virtue of its versatility…

What to do in closed season?

What’s the best cartridge load for standard driven pheasants?

Q: As we move towards the pheasant season can you recommend the best cartridge load for standard driven pheasants, and I don’t mean 60-yard skyscrapers? A: I think cartridges are very much a personal preference and I would say that whatever gives you confidence when you are shooting is the correct cartridge for you. Shooting is a mental game…

Airgun pellets

Picking the perfect airgun pellet

The airgun pellet is an important link between the shooter and the target. It can make the difference between Olympic gold or bronze. For most airgunners it can just mean the difference between a hit or a miss, but that’s equally important as Olympic glory, especially when you are hunting. Pellets come in four main calibres (sizes): .177; .20;…

wildfowler in hide

Cartridges for duck shooting

Cartridge choice can create an interesting debate in all areas of shooting. From manufacturer and loads through to the size of cartridge and shot you opt for, there is a lot to consider. Ultimately, however, your choice of duck ammunition will come down to the gun and cartridge combination that best suits your needs. The best way to determine…

airgun pellets

Four steps for more accurate airgun pellets

Air rifles are probably the first gun many of us used to get started in shooting as youngsters. Most people then move on to a .22 rimfire for pest control but nowadays air rifles are so good they can be a valuable asset for any pest control duties around the farm, estate…

lead ammunition

The end of the lead ammunition debate?

On 12 July, just before she left office as Secretary of State at DEFRA, Elizabeth Truss wrote to John Swift, chairman of the Lead Ammunition Group (LAG). She thanked him for his report but said that it “did not show that the impacts of lead ammunition were significant enough to justify changing current policy”, and that she did…

Black powder ammunition

Is it difficult to get a licence to buy black powder?

David says: Provided the guns remain in black powder proof there is no reason why you should not use them. Your firearms licensing department issues explosive licences for what are known as shooters powders. You must demonstrate a good reason for having one. Possession of, and intent to use, a gun that is only proofed for black powder…

cartridges for clayshooting

Our latest round-up of cartridges for clayshooting

Clay pigeon or competition cartridges are a manufacturer’s delight because they are the big seller, more so than dedicated pigeon or game cartridges. They can represent, on average, as much as 60 per cent of total production because, unlike gameshooting, clays can be shot all year round. Just think of the number…