Tips for shooting rabbits

Rabbits seem to have exploded in volume this year. The early wet weather but milder winter has seen an ever-increasing population boom in the home counties and the torrential rain followed by long, hot days has turned sparse fields into verdant scenes from Land of the Giants where I shoot. This is good for herbivorous rabbits, providing them with…

cage traps

How to set cage traps for rabbits

A reader asked a question regarding rabbit traps: I have been given some cage traps by a farmer friend, but the only things I have caught have been birds and hedgehogs (all of which were released unharmed). How and what is the best way to set this type of trap? Professional…

man shooting .17HMR

Why the CZ 452.17 HMR is still the best for bagging bunnies

I spend a lot of time with my rifles to complement my ferreting and trapping — especially at this time of year. Not all rabbit problems are the same so I have to be adaptable, which is why my gun cabinet contains a wide variety of firearms. I certainly couldn’t operate…

old ammunition

Rabbit shooting with classic rifles

An early morning start, with a light breeze, is an idyllic start to any day’s stalk. But on this occasion it was not an eligible roebuck that I had in mind; it was a humble rabbit. I love rabbit shooting. It was the way I learned to shoot on my uncle’s…

Rabbiting Admiration!

RABBITING I have been lucky enough to travel across the UK to control and remove rabbit populations from all manner of places, some more bizarre than others, and this is where a dog that marks where rabbits are hiding is important. I have fond memories of rabbiting with a friend…

Simon working with Millie

Catching and cooking rabbits, the ferreting way

On this particular morning ferreting, the mist obscured the stunning countryside. The sodden ground highlighted the freshness of the morning as I started to lay my nets. Soon every long-net I possess surrounded a hedge I planned to ferret. Virgin ground, this area had never seen a ferret before, so…

Rabbit shooting at night

Technology has given Simon Whitehead a great advantage for night-time rabbiting forays, but fieldcraft is still the strongest tool he can use

Lamping rabbits

Lamping rabbits

Lamping rabbits: The rabbits around here are definitely getting lamp shy and bolt as soon as I switch on. Have you come across this, and is there any way around the problem?