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What kill-to-cartridge ratio do you expect pigeon shooting?

Peter Theobald
There is a difference between a good shot and a good pigeon shot.

I have seen international class clay shooters and brilliant game shots, really struggle to come to terms with the humble woody; there’s so much more to it than having the ability to hit a moving target.

The real top performers like Will Garfit expect to average at least 80% over decoys, rising to 90 plus when the birds are really co-operating.

I am a great believer in only firing at woodies which you have at least a one in two chance of hitting.

If this means only firing at straightforward birds when you are a beginner, then so be it – it shows respect for your quarry, encourages better fieldcraft, and you can tackle more difficult birds as your skill improves.

Taking on any bird within 50 yards, over the course of a year, my average would be in the region of 70 – 75%.