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Best dog coats

Are they really necessary for working dogs?

Gundog breed Labrador

Fleece coats are cheap and the dog will reap the rewards

We asked vet Tony Buckwell whether dog coats are really needed? Or are they just an unnecessary accessory?

He replied: “A lot depends on the breed of gundog you have. Working dogs sometimes need a coat to protect them when they’re doing their job. For example, a lot of wildfowlers like to use neoprene camo coats on their working wildfowling dogs.

So if a vet says that, then it’s certainly a worth considering which are the best dog coats out there.

We’ve browsed through a selection for working dogs for a a variety of settings. The wildfowling dog out on a cold, windswept marsh. The working cocker. The older dog that might not be as good as regulating his or her temperature these days.

Whilst we’re on the subject of caring for your dog, you might also like to read how to look after your dog after a shoot day. And how to keep your dog warm in kennels.

Anyway, we’ve looked at a selection of dog coats and here’s a list of the best dog coats around for different needs. (Read the best coats for cocker spaniels.)

The best dog coats

Our top choice

1.Hotterdog Fleece Jumper (from Equafleece) from £17.99


Best for all breeds

  • Fabric: Fleece
  • Size:  XS-XL
  • Colour: Black, red, green, grape
  • Machine washable

+ Wicks away moisture

+ Dries quickly

As well as being superbly practical, these fleeces are bound to raise a smile when they’re put on your dog. They are ideal for older dogs who feel the cold (who might want to wear one around the house all day) as well as younger dogs who’ve had a busy day in the field. Put them on a damp dog and they’ll wick away the moisture whilst keeping the dog warm. (Read our advice on hypothermia in dogs.)

They’re easy to put on, just slip them over your dog’s head and place their front paws through the holes.




Best for drying a dog quickly

  • Fabric: (Outer layer) 88% cotton, 12% viscose, 12% polyester. (Inner layer) 85% viscose, 15% polyester.
  • Washable: Yes
  • Size: S, M, L, XL

+ Bamboo fibre has antibacterial and antifungal properties

+ Fits securely and stays on

Perfect for drying your dog off after a bath, a hose down, a swim or a rainy walk. Particularly useful after a wet shoot day or if you don’t want that wet dog smell in your car. The makers say it will absorb 80-90% of moisture from your dog’s coat within 15 minutes, which sounds pretty dry to us.


3. JACK PYKE Fleece Dog Coat £14.95

Jack Pyke fleece dog coat

Best for value

  • Fabric: 300 GSM Fleece Polyester
  • Washable: Yes
  • Size:  XXS – XXL
  • Colour: Light olive

If your dog is shivery and wet after a shoot day, then tuck him up for the journey home in this fleece dog coat. It’s warm and cosy and perfect for the dog who would complain if made to wear a heavier coat. Easy to put on and secure with a touch tape closure.



4. JACK PYKE Gen2 Technical Neoprene Dog Vest £34.95

jack pyke neoprene dog vest

Best for larger wildfowling dogs

  • Fabric: Neoprene
  • Size:  XS – L
  • Colour: Dark olive, English oak evolution

Strong nylon zip with velcro over fastening

+ Grab holes

Neoprene has traditionally been used for making swimsuits so it’s ideal for dog vests when the dog is likely to be splashing about. It will also keep your dog warm.  This vest is robust thanks to the strengthened seams and underneath there is a Cordura impact zone patch for added protection.


5. Realtree Neoprene Dog Vest Protective Coat Lift Handle Float Aid Max 5 £26.95

Realtree Neoprene dog vest

Best for wildfowling dogs needing a hand out of the water

  • Fabric: Neoprene
  • Size: S-XXL
  • Colour: Realtree Camo

+ Velcro and zip touch fasten closure

+ Double buoyancy aid

Fans of Realtree camo will be pleased to see this dog vest, which would be ideal for wildfowling dogs. It has a handle to help you lift your dog if necessary and a chest protector. The neoprene is tough enough for field and brush work.


6. Dog & Field™ Duel Layer Towelling Dog Coat (Olive Green) – Microfiber Lined Fleece Pet Drying Jacket XS – XL Sizes £17.50

dog and field drying coat

Best for keeping handy in the car after shooting

  • Fabric: Neoprene
  • Size:  XS-XL
  • Colour: Olive green
  • Machine washable

+ Wicks away moisture

+ Price

A strong Velcro girth and chest straps make this fleece easy and straightforward to fit. The fleece outer will keep your dog warm too. Perfect for keeping in the car to wrap around wet shivery spaniels.




Best for hot weather

  • Fabric: 100% polyester
  • Washable: Yes
  • Size: XS(43-56cm girth), S(56-69cm), M(69-81cm), L(81-91cm)
  • Colour: As shown

+ Side-release buckles for easy on/off

+ Reflective trim

We’ve had some scorching weather in recent years and it can certainly make dogs suffer. This vest will keep your dog comfortable and cool, wicking away moisture and reflecting heat. An internal layer stores water which evaporates to create a cool surface, transferring the effect to your dog’s body.


How to measure your dog for a coat

  1. Make your dog stand upright.
  2. Measure along its back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail
  3. To ensure a good fit, measure the neck circumference (without the collar)
  4. Check chest size by measuring the dog just behind the front legs.