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Dog training with a whistle

Avoid not giving “rewards”

Q:  Over the summer my Labrador has been very sloppy on the stop whistle, is there any way I can get him a bit sharper?

A: Let’s assume that at some point your dog was sharp on the stop whistle.  I suspect that during the summer you have relaxed your regime and he has got away with ignoring your commands. Make no mistake: dogs get bored of hearing the stop whistle without any ‘reward’ in the shape of a directional signal, or a flush. One technique you can usefully use is to blow the whistle and throw out a dummy (assuming the dog is totally steady) and only send him for the retrieve when he looks back to you. Don’t overdo this – the aim is to condition the dog into believing that every time he hears the whistle something good will happen.

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  2. 2. Q) I have a young springer spaniel that I am training. I would like to know how to use the stop whistle. How do I make my dog steady to it? What's the secret of dog training with a whistle? 
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  7. 7. Q: I will soon be training my first Labrador gundog. What sort of whistle should I use, as I am considering using the silent type.
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