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Airgun Shooter’s Gear of the Year: best airgun ammo

Whatever airgun shooting you enjoy, the choice of guns, optics and accessories is immense. Here are our top choices to match a wide range of budgets and help you get the most out of your sport. This time, we're looking at the best airgun ammo

*Prices will vary due to calibre

BSA Gold Star

BSA’s highly accurate premium range Gold Star pellets certainly live up to their name and make a great addition to any airgun shooter’s ammo locker.


Pro Hunter Premium High Impact 17.8 Grain

Pro Hunter’s lightweight 17.8gr .22 slug casts aside the label of ‘FAC only’ and makes this type of ammo accessible to sub-12 shooters too.


QYS Domed Heavy

Domed Heavies are among the most perfectly made .177 pellets we’ve seen, and in the right combo that consistency should translate to supreme accuracy downrange.


H&N Slug HP

H&N’s Slug HP will no doubt be an excellent hunting round with FAC air, but is also a great match for sub-12 rifles too when used at shorter distances.


JSB Exact Express

Lighter pellets may be more associated with spring-powered airguns, but JSB Exact Express pellets offer stunning accuracy potential in PCPs as well.


JSB Hades

Hunters are always on the lookout for a pellet with increased knockdown capabilities, and Hades offers all this while combining it with excellent accuracy levels.


Rangemaster Sovereign

This is one of those pellets that will always prove competent, and often exceptional, in most air rifles. Long may this Sovereign reign over us.


QYS Magnum

The QYS Magnum delivers consistent velocities and levels of accuracy, and due to this pellet’s propensity for density, it’ll hit problem pests like a thunderbolt.


Bisley Magnum

This cleanly made and consistent airgun heavyweight has found a place in the hearts of both hunters and target shooters seeking out some longer-range results.


Air Arms Diabolo Field

The Diabolo Field is one of those evergreen do-anything pellets that should make its way onto any airgun shooter’s shortlist when testing a new rifle.


BSA Green Star

Shoot at sensible distances, and these lead-free pellets offer a stunning level of accuracy for pretty much any job you’d care to ask of them.


H&N Baracuda FT

There are several superb pellets that are not just brilliant all-rounders but are masters of their craft, and the Baracuda FT is on that list.