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We asked some keen partridge shooters which cartridges they use. Here’s what they said.

Partridges are small birds and don't need large shot sizes.

best cartridges for partridges

Partridge cartridges

With the partridge season starting on 1st September, shooters are going to be thinking about the best cartridges for partridge shooting.

So we asked around some experienced Guns for their tips and advice.

8 of the best cartridges for partridge shooting

Gamebore black gold

Gamebore Dark Storm Quad Seal

  1. Gamebore Dark Storm Quad Seal Hull Partridge Cartridge
  2. Hull Cartridge Partridge CartridgeLyalvale Express Supreme Game cartridge
  3. Lyalvale Express Supreme GameEley VIP game cartridge
  4. Eley VIP
    RC Professional Game Cartridge

    “This is one of my favourites”, says Charles Bull of Just Cartridges. “It’s an Italian cartridge that delivers exceptional quality and performance.”


  5. RC Professional Game
    Gamebore Regal

    Gamebore Regal

  6. Gamebore Regal
    Hull Partridge Cartridge

    “Hull Imperial Game will suit any partridge predicament you may find yourself in”, says Charles Bull


  7. Hull Imperial Game
    RC4 Sipe Extreme Cartridge

    RC4 SIPE

  8. RC SIPE Extreme

The list above was suggested by Charles Bull of Just Cartridges.

He adds: “Lyalvale Express Supreme Game, RC Professional Game, Gamebore Regal and Hull Imperial Game are suitable for older English shotguns with 65mm chambers.

What did the shooting instructor say?

Mark Heath of the West London Shooting School advises: “If you are shooting with a 12-bore, I would recommend 28g no 6, or even a 7 shot.

“A quarter and half choke will normally suit for the majority of partridge 25gram no 6 through a 20 bore. On particularly high partridge, consider upping the choke to a half and three quarters.

“I did use some 32g 5 ½ shot specialist partridge cartridges last year and they were very effective on partridge, grouse and pheasant.”

Best partridge cartridges for different sized shotguns

Taking into account the different bore sizes of shotguns, Shooting Times contributor, gameshooting coach and guntrade consultant Simon Reinhold suggested the following.




Diggory Hadoke who writes for Shooting Times and runs Vintage Guns commented: “Eley Impax was always a good choice and one of the best cartridges for partridge, though Gamebore Regal and Eley VIP – both with 28g (one ounce) are my usual loads.”


The Gamebore Regal gets the thumbs up from both Diggory and Charles so it’s considered to be one of the best cartridges for partridge shooting. The Eley VIP cartridge is another that’s particularly favoured.
All shooters should aim to eat what they shoot and you’ll find some delicious partridge recipes here. In addition, maintain your eco friendly credentials by using fibre wads, paper cases and always picking up spent cartridges.