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Three of the best second-hand clayshooting guns for beginners

A reader has a budget of £1000 to £1500. What does Mike George recommend?

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Buyer’s brief:  “I have been shooting clays for the past six months with guns hired from the shooting ground. Most of these have been various versions of Beretta Silver Pigeons, which I do like, though I have no experience of other guns. I have a budget of £1,000 to £1,500, so what do you recommend?”

Mike George’s buying advice for second-hand clayshooting guns

In a way, Michael has almost answered his own question because he clearly gets on well with the Beretta 686/Silver Pigeon range, and plenty of second-hand examples fall well within his budget. However, he is wise to consider other 
types and makes because there may be another gun that suits him even better 
than the Beretta Silver Pigeon.

One thing I do suggest, because of his lack of experience, is that he goes to 
a gunshop attached to a shooting ground 
so that he can try guns before parting with any money.

Michael also appreciates the value of finding a gun that fits him tolerably well, and a good gunshop will check that the 
gun fits him before he is asked to confirm the gun’s purchase.

A further suggestion I would make is that, when he gets his gun, he pays for 
a few sessions with a good coach so 
that he gets the very best out of his new-to-him gun.

I somehow think that Michael is going to finish up with one of the Silver Pigeon variants, but if he doesn’t, here are three other guns he might like to consider: