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Trap guns: what to look for when buying and a few to be thinking about

Here's what to look for when buying a Trap gun and some suitable Trap shotguns that may suit you

Trap guns

Long barrels on a trap gun help achieve a smooth swing

The two most popular trap disciplines are DTL and ABT. You can buy dedicated Trap guns for each discipline but many shots shoot them both perfectly well with one well-fitted gun. (Read what you should know about trap guns and trap shooting.)

A selection of Trap guns

However if you are looking for trap guns, here is a good selection to give you a starting point in your search. All will be available in a number of barrel lengths and many have almost endless rib and stock configurations, so with the help of a good dealer and a little patience you should be able to specify a gun that’s perfect for you. (Read more on gun fit here.) Prices valid at time of writing but subject to change.

Beretta 694 Trap

RRP from: £3,325

The 694 was well-received when Beretta launched it and now Trap versions are becoming available, either with ¾ and full fixed chokes or a DTL Trap version with flush fitting multichokes. With its B Fast adjustable comb system, and the facility for stock and barrel weights, the 694 can be set up for the perfect fit and feel.

Beretta DT11 Black Edition Trap 

RRP from: £9,375

The stand-out feature of the DT11 Black Edition is its carbon rib, which gives the gun an extra light, lively character. The already excellent feel of the gun can be further fine-tuned with the adjustable barrel and stock weights. If you select the B Fast adjustable comb too then the perfect set-up can easily be achieved.

Caesar Guerini Summit Ascent

RRP from: £3,350

The Summit Ascent, with its adjustable stock and 10mm rib – 4mm higher than a standard flat rib – makes a phenomenal difference to target acquisition.

The differences between this and the Sporting version of this gun are a beaver tail fore-end and non-selectable safety catch. Specify the right safety, along with eight multichokes, and you’ll have a gun that’s a true allrounder.

Perazzi MX2005

RRP from: £12,402

Based on the Perazzi MX8 action, the MX2005 features a 30mm high rib, which is 24mm higher than standard. Also consider the MX2003, Pro Trap or Pro Trap Plus ribs which fall somewhere in between. Target acquisition is superb.

The elevated rib enables a higher hold point with minimal gun movement. If you can get used to shooting this type of high-ribbed gun, then the results can be outstanding.

Miroku MK38 Trap

RRP from: £1,750

Everyone has owned one of these at some point in their shooting career! Consider the 32” MK38 Grade 5 Trap gun. It’s an out-and-out Trap gun, with its ¾ and full fixed chokes, but this gun looks just as at home on the game field.

The Grade 5 gun has an American walnut stock and fore-end, which look stunning. Whilst the MK38 Grade 1 may not look quite as pretty, it shares exactly the same mechanical spec and is just as functional.

Browning B725 Pro Master Adj or Pro Trap High Rib 

RRP from: £4,750 for Pro Master Adj

First introduced as the B725 Pro Trap High Rib, this gun has a light, lively feel and can be balanced perfectly with its comprehensive set of stock and barrel weights. The adjustable Monte-Carlo stock enables the gun to be easily set up for optimum performance too.

The subsequently launched Pro Master Adj has a slightly higher rib, further improving target acquisition, that incorporates an adjusting wheel to easily alter the point of impact. While firmly aimed at the Trap market this is actually another excellent all-round performer.

Beretta A400 Xcel MultiTarget Semi Auto

RRP from: £2,345

While the semi-auto is frowned upon for shooting trap disciplines because the cartridge ejection method can distract shooters, the Beretta A400 MultiTarget can be a credible option.

The low recoil you would expect from a semi-auto can be reduced by specifying a Kick-Off recoil reducing system. There is also a fix to stop the normal ejection of spent cartridges.

With its adjustable Monte-Carlo stock and rib, the ultimate set-up can be achieved and this is an excellent option for someone wanting a gun that that can handle multiple disciplines.

Blaser F3

RRP from: £7,719

With its linear strike mechanism, it is incredibly smooth to shoot. While the F3 action is standard across the range, different stock and barrel options make it configurable for shooters.

A good choice is the Blaser F3 Vantage with its 14mm rib maximizing target acquisition. This gun is generally supplied with a Monte-Carlo stock and beavertail fore-end for shooting Trap, but the standard stock performs equally well, so do give it a try if you can.

Blaser’s multichokes deliver some of the most consistent patterns for a factory multichoke gun, with ¼ and ½ choke being more than adequate for DTL.

Krieghoff K-80

RRP from: £12,500

The K-80 action is mechanically identical across the range, with the only difference being the different engraving patterns. There are two basic styles of stock, the standard stock, normally fitted to the sporter and the Monte-Carlo, normally fitted to the Trap gun, but either can be tailored to individual requirements.

The Trap barrels are slightly heavier with a slightly wider tapered rib, and the point of impact can be altered with different barrel hangers. Generally, the Trap version is specified as a multichoke gun, usually with Titanium chokes to improve the look.

Consider the Krieghoff Parcours X, an odd choice for trap shooting but the new X barrels are slightly heavier than the standard Parcours barrels. That said, the vast majority of shooters prefer the standard Krieghoff trap barrels, or Supersport barrels fitted to the K-80 action. Find what works for you!