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10 essential recipes for cooking pheasant breasts

Tried and tested dishes

pheasant breasts recipes

pheasant breasts recipes

We’ve put together these essential pheasant breasts recipes which every shooter should know.

When you’re cooking pheasant you need to ensure that it doesn’t dry out – so don’t overcook it. Every shooter should eat what they shoot – remember that you can replace pheasant breasts for chicken breasts in just about any chicken dish.

Follow our recipes and you’ll have a delicious supper or lunch dish to enjoy.

10 Pheasant breasts recipes

pheasant Maryland recipe

Pheasant Maryland

1. Pheasant Maryland 

This is one that children will love. It’s not always easy to get kids to eat pheasant but this rework of a 1970s classic will have them calling for more. Serves four to six, depending on appetite.


pheasant risotto with mushrooms

Pheasant and mushroom risotto

2. Pheasant and wild mushroom risotto

If you’re in the mood for chatting and stirring something on the hob, then this is ideal. You can’t hurry risotto, but it’s a recipe to make whilst you’re socialising in the kitchen.

15 minute pheasant recipe for escalopes

Pheasant escalope with Romesco

3. Pheasant with Romesco Catalan sauce 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a super-quick dish, then this recipe is ready to eat in just 15 minutes. All you have to add is a bowl of greens or salad to serve.

sweet and sour pheasant recipe

Sweet and Sour Pheasant

4. Sweet and sour pheasant recipe 

Mark Hix has created this gamey taste on the classic Chinese takeaway. So save yourself some money, use the breasts from the pheasant you shot earlier and enjoy.

pheasant crumble

Delicious pheasant crumble recipe from one of our readers

5. Pheasant crumble

Could this be the ultimate comfort food?  Eat and enjoy in front of a good film, it’s ideal for a TV supper.


spicy pheasant recipe dish

Pheasant keema – ideal for feeding a large group

6. Pheasant keema

Ideal for when you need to feed a large group of people, this spicy dish will serve 20 – so maybe it’s one for a shoot lunch?


pheasant tagine recipe

Pheasant Tagine

7. Pheasant tagine 

Tagines are easy to make and again a good idea for a shoot lunch. Serve with couscous rather than potatoes.

8. Pheasant and pastry rolls 

One for the lunch box or to serve to peckish shooters at elevenses. Also perfect for a picnic at any time.

Pheasant Thai curry recipe

Pheasant Thai curry – a different way to use up all those frozen birds

9. Pheasant Thai curry

Thai green chicken curry is a favourite these days, but why not try a pheasant Thai curry instead?


pheasant bolognese

Pheasant bolognese

10. Pheasant bolognese sauce

Ring the changes and use pheasant next time you make a spaghetti bolognese. Again, one for serving up to kids although all the family will love it. Also freezes well.