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Six pigeon breast recipes you need to know

Pigeon meat is available all year round and is free-range and nutritious

pigeon breast recipes

The delicious dark meat of pigeon is very versatile.

If you’re running short of ideas on how to cook pigeon then these pigeon breast recipes will give you some fresh ideas to try.

wood pigeon breast risotto

Wood pigeon breast risotto 

Risotto is relatively straightforward to make but you will need to stir it constantly (maybe get a responsible youngster to do this). Make sure you use risotto rice too. This recipe serves the pigeon with peas, so it’s a dish in one.


Pigeon pate

Easy recipe for pigeon pâté

A very handy recipe. Serve on small slices of toast for an elevenses shoot snack. Or pile into a crispy roll for a hearty lunch. It’s best made the day before you want to eat it to allow the flavours to develop.

Pigeon burgers in a peppercorn sauce 

If you’ve never made pigeon burgers then you’ll wonder why you held off after making this straightforward recipe by Tim Maddams. Best served when the burgers are slightly pink inside, the peppercorn sauce elevates it into something really special.

pigeon breast recipes pasta

Pigeon and wild mushroom pasta 

What kids don’t like pasta? Serve up nutritious pigeon breasts along with seasonal mushrooms with this easy to make pigeon pasta recipe.

Pigeon and beef casserole

If you’ve got several pigeon breasts to use, then this recipe is ideal. It’s a long, slow cook that results in a rich casserole with a sauce offering delicious depth of flavour. Serve with mashed potato and a green vegetable for a warming supper.

Wood pigeon breasts with caramelised parsnip purée

We had to include this in our list of pigeon breast recipes because even though it is a bit more fancy than the rest – it’s a good one to serve when you’re having guests over for lunch or dinner. That said, it’s not overcomplicated. You do have to start marinating the pigeon breasts the day before and although the recipe states morels (a type of mushroom) you can use wild mushrooms.