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Five quick pigeon recipes to make in under 20 minutes

Pigeon is delicious, free range and here are five recipes you can put together quickly to feed the hungry hordes! Of course, you will have to bag the pigeon first (and we can't say how long that will take)

Pigeon and wild mushroom recipe1. Pigeon and wild mushrooms

Just add garlic, kale, bacon and wild mushrooms for a delicious supper. Kale is having a bit of a moment right now, being hailed as a superfood, so tuck in.

pigeon with chorizo

2. Pigeon with chorizo, peppers and feta cheese

There’s a touch of the Mediterranean about this one. Slightly spicy to keep the winter cold out.
pigeon pasta

3. Pigeon and wild mushroom pasta

Pasta always seems to be a favourite with children, so maybe serve this up for supper for a change?

Pigeon and beetroot salad4. Pigeon and beetroot salad 

Another superfood, beetroot is a good source of iron and said to lower blood pressure. We just think it is delicious.

5. Pigeon burgers

Succulent and delicious



Pigeon burgers