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Best gun slips: for gameshooters, clayshooters and wildfowlers

You can go for cheap as chips - or spend a small fortune on ostrich skin, but buy cheap and you'll probably buy twice, says Nathan Little who is on a quest for the best gun slips.

gun slips

Discovering the best gun slips

While shooting in the field I often change my kit around, trying out new gadgets and gizmos. Yet, perhaps the most consistent and long-standing item, and one I am reluctant to change, is my old leather gun slip. It’s been with me for years and, despite the abuse it has had, it has protected my guns perfectly. I’ve even trusted it with my test guns, some of which were eye-wateringly expensive. My slip was quite pricey, and represented something of an investment when I bought it, but I believe in the saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. So for me it’s one of the best gun slips I could have.

gunslip on shooter

Croots offers some pricey gun slips but they will last you – and your guns – a lifetime

That said, a gun slip is essentially just something we need to transport our guns safely, securely and discreetly, so a cheap-and-cheerful one can suffice. Fellow Shooting Times contributor Tom Payne believes a good gun slip is vital. “It protects your most precious piece of kit,” he says. “I prefer a zipped bag with a top flap, but the important things to look for are a strong spine, good fleece lining and a solid bottom. I also find a wide strap is very useful.”

If you’re buying your first gun from a gun shop, a slip is an item you’ll see as just eating into your budget, and while you’d no doubt rather spend that extra £50 on your gun, a slip is an unavoidable expense.

You’ll be in good company too. The cheap gun slip is most often used by gamekeepers. Guns are slotted into them at a moment’s notice and they often end up in the back of a muddy Land Rover — not the friendliest environment for a smart leather slip. The cheaper canvas, cloth and foam slips are a keeper’s go-to for a number of reasons. They are simple to clean — stick them in the wash if you need to — the foam doesn’t retain as much moisture compared with a wool or cloth lining, and — most importantly for a keeper — they are very easy to get guns out of in a hurry.

I was chatting with a friend who is a keen wildfowler as well as a game Shot. We talked about how he must be mad to put his beautiful leather slips through all that mud and sea water, until he confessed to being an avid follower of the church of the cheap-and-cheerful slip. So many wildflowers are — they save their best slips for show, on game days.

For around £50 there is a wide variety of slips available. For someone not overly precious on how they look, they will do the job.

top zipped gun slip

Tom Payne prefers a zipped bag with a top flap, but other styles may suit you better


There’s precious little middle ground with slips and if not £50 they can cost a great deal more. Picture this: it’s the first day of the season and your mate turns up with new guns and matching gun slips. Will they be £50 canvas ones? No. Immaculately made and often with the owner’s initials stitched in, these new slips haven’t been christened in British shooting weather yet. They are certainly stunning, but they do need scuffing up a little so they don’t look so out of place.

For many, there is no justification for spending £1,000 or more for a set of slips. For others an expensive slip is crucial for complementing a stunning pair of guns: “People are protecting a very valuable product that needs to function,” explains Allistair Croot of Croots gun slips. “So when a gun is not in use it needs to be dry, protected from the elements and safe from being banged around in the car. A high-quality leather gun slip is as good an option as any to do that.

“Our bridle-leather gun slips range from £350 to just over £1,000 for a double and, if they are looked after, they can last you for a lifetime.”

As people grow into the sport and increase their involvement, they want to look the part, so they are prepared to buy quality that will last. A well-made leather slip’s main role is to protect your guns, but it will also be aesthetically pleasing.

Leather gun slips should perhaps be seen as like ‘Sunday best’, brought out on driven days and only used for the nicest guns in your cabinet. They add a sense of occasion, especially as everything these days needs to be ‘Insta ready’. You wouldn’t want to pull your Purdey out of a bright orange foam slip, would you?

For the fashion conscious, exotic slips are rising in popularity, from elephant hide to ostrich skin and all other manner of materials. I recently came across Leggets; founded in Cheshire, it produces a wide range of stunning leather goods but has recently moved into the shooting world. Its grade 1 ostrich leather gun slip is quirky and no doubt an acquired taste — I personally love it — but it raises the question as to why someone would buy this.

“People will buy expensive shotguns, they love the wood and the engraving,” says Nick Hammond of Leggets. “But they sometimes let the side down when it comes to the slip. Why secure your beautiful gun in a shoddy gun slip? An English-made, hand-stitched slip will last a lifetime — and perfectly complement your shotgun in the field.”

So while there is a level of protection and robustness in how well gun slips are made, your choice boils down to how you want to be perceived. A single slip from Leggets starts at £1,800, while a double will cost £3,500. At this level, the price becomes insignificant to those able to afford them and, like the guns they are protecting, they become an extension of the personality, flair and individuality of their owner.

Man shooting gun in field

Guns are expensive, so their protection is paramount

Rare and wild

The shooting world attracts some incredible people and, as with the clothing they wear, a gun slip in ostrich skin — or any other rare and wild material — is a reflection of their self. People want the very best and are willing to approach businesses such as Croots and Leggets, pay what’s needed and then wait for the exactly right product.

There is clearly so much more to the world of gun slips than many think. With the rise of social media, and as people become increasingly aware of its impact, they want things to look good and to be associated with the right image. And if that means a fancy gun slip, so be it. As the sport becomes increasingly expensive and people place high value on items such as guns, they want to ensure their investment is protected. To such an extent they might even buy two gun slips for one gun, preparing for the inevitable wet days on shoots.

My leather slip, while expensive, is starting to feel increasingly like a very well-made investment.

Shooting UK writes:

The legal side of gun slips

The best gun slips protect your shotgun or rifle and give you the security of knowing that you are obeying the law. They are an essential shooting accessory because guns should always be transported in a gun slip and always be in a gun slip if they’re not broken or aiming at the target. (If you’re fairly new to shooting you might like to read this piece on why we use gun slips and gun cases.)

Read more on what the law says about carrying a shotgun in public here.

gun slips

Carry guns in slips muzzle down

The correct way of carrying a gun in its slip

A slipped gun should be carried with the muzzles down. The best gun slips are designed with a reinforced muzzle end. The other end is secured with a zip or buckle. It is good practice to open your gun before removing it completely from the slip – check there is no ammunition in it. Once out, the barrels should be checked to ensure they are clear.

When putting a gun into a slip, slide the barrels in and conduct a final check of the breech to make sure it is empty of ammunition, before closing the gun and lowering the rest of the gun in. Then it goes over your shoulder with the muzzles down.

So you’re following  shooting safety rules and you’re ready. But how can you select the best gun slips for your needs?

Consider what you’ll be using your gun for. Are you going off driven shooting? Or will you be rough shooting? Will you have to carry all your own shooting gear – in which case weight and straps will be a consideration. Will you be a fair weather shooter or going out in all weathers in waterproof shooting boots and a waterproof shooting jacket ? Are you off to the foreshore, so your gunslip will be part of your wildfowling gear?

Our list of the best gun slips covers all eventualities and different price ranges.

1. JACK PYKE Foldable Roll Up Gun Slip Olive Green £20.95

jackpyke foldable gunslip


Jack PYke foldable gunslp

Best for walked-up shooting

+ Foldable

+ Price

– Not much protection against bumps and knocks

  • Size: ‎35.8 x 21.2 x 5.6 cm (22 x 13cm folded)
  • Weight 358.34g
  • Fastening: Quick release buckle
  • Capacity: One gun

This gun slip has a big fan base amongst walked-up shooters who like the way they can just roll it up and attach it to their waistband when they’re out strolling along the hedges. It’s reliable, robust, under £20 and the soft lining will protect your gun. Perfect to have around as a spare. Oh, and it comes complete with the carabiner.


2. Husk & Rogers Camo, Green or Black Padded Soft Air Rifle Gun Carry Case £19.99

Husk&Rogers airgun case

Best for airgunners

+ Available in forest green and black as well as camo

+ Price

  • Fabric: Nylon with quilted interior
  • Size: 122cm x 26cm
  • Weight: 530g
  • Waterproof: No
  • Fastening: Zip
  • Capacity: One air rifle with scope

This useful gun case fits a wide range of air rifles, allowing room for a mounted scope. It also features a muzzle trip and a hanging hook. If you’re a pest controller you may well find the camo option useful, or you can opt for low key black or green.


3. Bisley Canvas Shotgun Slip £26.95

Best pocket money price

+ Price

+ Dries quickly and easily

  • Fabric: Waterproof polyester with sheepskin fleece lining
  • Size: 50 inch or 54 inch
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Fastening: Full length brass zip
  • Capacity: One gun

Bisley is a name every shooter knows and this entry-level shotgun slip does the job for under £30 which is why it has its place on our list of the best gun slips.  It’s a real workhorse. The cover is waterproof, the lining protects and pads the gun and a leather end envelops the muzzles. An excellent choice for a Young Gun.


4. Savage Island 54″ Double Shotgun Gun Bag Slip Case Cover Camo – Holds 2 Shotguns £32.99

Savage Island gunslip

Savage Island gunslip

Best for versatility

+ Price

+ Carries two guns together or separately

– Not fully waterproof

  • Fabric: Polyester 600D Oxford fabric camo
  • Weight: 1.04 Kilograms
  • Size: 45 x 25 x 22 cm
  • Waterproof: Weather resistant
  • Fastening: Quick access zip
  • Capacity: Two guns

Keep both your guns together or unzip the bag if you want to carry them separately. A soft foam lining keeps guns secure.


5. Savage Island 54″ Double Shotgun Floating Bag Slip Case Cover Camo – Holds 2 Shotguns E3074 £49.95

Savage Island gunslip

Best for wildfowlers

+ Floats if dropped in water

+ Carries two guns together or separately

– Not fully waterproof

  • Fabric: Polyester 600D Oxford fabric camo
  • Weight: 1.06 Kilograms
  • Size: 33.4 x 26.8 x 20 cm
  • Waterproof: Weather resistant
  • Fastening: Quick access zip
  • Capacity: Two guns

If you’re worried about dropping your gun and it sinking to the bottom of the marsh or lake, then this is one of the best gun slips you can choose, because it will float rather than sink beneath the waves.  Keep both your guns together or unzip the bag if you want to carry them separately. A soft foam lining keeps guns safe from knocks and bumps.




Best value for leather slip

+  Fully lined with faux sheepskin

+ 100% leather outer

– No zip fastening

  • Fabric: Leather
  • Size: 127cm long
  • Waterproof: Weather resistant
  • Fastening: Buckle closure
  • Capacity: One gun

Very reasonably priced for a handmade leather slip, this is lined inside with a soft fabric to protect your shotgun. Strong, tough and made by hand. Whilst it is not waterproof you could apply a waterproofing treatment to the leather. The stitching is well finished and the handles, strap and buckle flat well constructed.

7. Croots Rosedale Canvas Roll Up Shotgun Slip Fox Tan CGS16 £131.95
Croots Rosedale gunslip

Best for those short of space

+ Well respected manufacturer

+ Beautifully made

– No zip

  • Fabric: Canvas with leather trim
  • Size: 30 and 32″ barrels
  • Waterproof: Weather resistant
  • Fastening: Buckle flap
  • Capacity: One shotgun

Once your guns are safely stowed away in your gun cabinet, you don’t want your gun slip hanging about. Here’s a solution, as this one by Croots rolls up neatly to be stowed in a cupboard, in the car boot or in your suitcase if you’re travelling. Made from hardwearing canvas with a leather trim and a hand-sewn blocked muzzle end. Excellent to have as a spare.


8. Teales Devonshire Leather Buckle Flap Gun Slip £135.95

Teales Devonshire gunslip

Best starter leather gunslip

+ High quality oiled leather

+ Crafted with hand-stitched oiled thread

– No zip

  • Fabric: Oil and tanned leather hide
  • Size: 30 and 32″ barrels
  • Waterproof: Weather resistant
  • Fastening: Solid brass buckle
  • Capacity: Single shotgun

Here’s a classical style gun slip in leather made in Britain by hand, for what we think is a very fair price. The leather has been tanned using vegetable dyes to reduce chemical use. It will hold all gun sizes up to 12-bore comfortably with standard chokes, nestled safely within the synthetic wool lining. It can also be personalised with the user’s initials.


9. Croots Rosedale Canvas Shotgun Slip Zip/Flap & Handles CGS11-H(G/T) £214.95

Croots Rosedale Canvas shotgun slip

Best for quick drying

+ Hand stitched leather

+ Padded fleece lining

– Not waterproof

  • Fabric: Canvas with leather trim
  • Sizes: 76cm (30 Inch), 81cm (32 Inch)
  • Waterproof: Weather resistant
  • Fastening: Solid brass buckle plus full length zip for fast and easy drying
  • Capacity: Single shotgun 30″ and 32″ barrels

If you’re out shooting on a drizzly day, this slip will protect your gun but will also dry quickly on your return. Just unzip it to its full length and it will dry quickly inside and out. It has a hand-sewn blocked muzzle end and a useful leather shoulder sling for carrying. In three colours, fox tax, Loden green tan and Loden green dark.


10. Croots Helmsley Tweed Shotgun Slip £250.95

Best for tweed lovers

+ Available in green (shown above) or burgundy tweed

+ Handcrafted

– May not match your tweed

  • Fabric: 100% Scottish wool tweed, laminated with rubber, 100% waterproof, bridle leather trim
  • Size: 30 and 32″ barrels
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Fastening: Straps and buckles
  • Capacity: One shotgun

A padded fleece lining makes a luxurious and secure blanket for your shotgun as you step out over the moors. Croots is a popular name amongst driven shooters and this tweed gun slip will look beautifully at home on a driven day. It is made by hand by experts that know how to bring out the best of the leather and tweed fabrics used. Why not have it personalised?


11. Harkila Retrieve shotgun slip in leather Cognac OSFA OSFA £206.10

Harkila best gunslips list

Best for ageing gracefully

+ Opens to dry swiftly

+ Padded sherpa fleece lining

–  Just one colour

  • Fabric: Full grain leather
  • Size: 135cm long
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Fastening: Full length zip with flap and buckle opening
  • Capacity: One shotgun

This gun slip from Harkila will look better and better as the seasons wear on, as the hardwearing leather acquires a patina and sheen. Carrying it around the field is made comfortable by the padded shoulder strap.


Croots Malton Bridle leather double shotgun slip

Best for driven shoots

+ Can be personalised

+ Carries two guns together or separately

– Price

  • Fabric: Aniline coated Malton bridle leather
  • Size: 30 and 32″ barrels
  • Waterproof: Weather resistant
  • Fastening: Buckle flap
  • Capacity: Two full size shotguns

Set to be something of an heirloom, this is made from the finest leather hides. Quite simply it’s a masterpiece which is why it’s on our list of best gun slips.  Available in chestnut or dark Havana leather in different sizes, it has a classic opening fastened with a buckle flap. A padded fleece lining will protect the guns inside. You can use the gun slips individually if you’re just taking out one gun or put both together with the leather straps.


Choosing the best gun slips for you

There are literally hundreds of gun slips around, all with different designs and in different fabrics. Prices range widely too.

If you’re wildfowling you’re likely to want a case that’s robust, possibly with a camo pattern, definitely very water resistant. You’ll want to be able to wipe it down and clean it up after you’ve been out on the muddy foreshore. A zip is a definite and if it floats so much the better. Man-made fabrics are the best option here.

On the other hand, if you’re out on a smart driven day then you’ll be aware that your shotgun slip will say a lot about you. This is the time to go for something in leather or at least with a leather trip. Absolutely no camo please. Buckles are the traditional way to close a gun slip. You might also want to personalise a gun slip like this with your initials.

Mind you, if your shooting is mostly walked-up, then you’ll want something light and sturdy that does the job. A foldable gun slip comes into its own here. You might have a heritage leather gunslip that you’ve used for years but why not treat yourself to something in a modern manmade fabric that will repel water and can be slung in the back of a car without any concerns.

Of course, you’ll also need to consider the size of your gun and its barrels. Will you be carrying a single gun or would you like the option to carry two at the same time? All this is covered in our best gun slips list.

Finally remember that your gun slip needs to protect your gun – so if you’re going to be carrying your gun around frequently then invest in the best you can.

Round up of the best gun slips

JACK PYKE Foldable Roll Up Gun Slip Olive Green

Husk & Rogers Camo, Green or Black Padded Soft Air Rifle Gun Carry Case

Bisley Canvas Shotgun Slip

Savage Island 54″ Double Shotgun Gun Bag Slip Case Cover Camo – Holds 2 Shotguns


Teales Devonshire Leather Buckle Flap Gun Slip

Croots Rosedale Canvas Roll Up Shotgun Slip Fox Tan CGS16

Croots Rosedale Canvas Shotgun Slip Zip/Flap & Handles CGS11-H(G/T)

Croots Helmsley Tweed Shotgun Slip