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From springing teal to rabbits – the different types of clay targets and how to nail them

Work your way through our list and you'll know how to deal with whatever comes your way

Clay pigeon shooting guns

Clay pigeon shooting

Over time, if you are to be a good all-round Shot, you need to develop a repertoire, or quite simply the knowledge to deal with each type of clay target and how you address it.

Our instructors have covered the presentation of each type of clay target you’re likely to meet, so read their tips and get out there on the ground to practise.

1. How to hit a single driven clay target 

Let’s start with one for beginners

shoot teal targets

Dealing with teal targets

2. How to shoot teal targets

They can be tricky. So Bisley instructor Tony Bracci gives you some insider tips.

3. How to hit the rabbit clay target

It’s the one that many clay shooters fear most.

4. Shooting overhead clays from behind 

This target is not only a challenge for the clay shooter, but can also offer a simulation of a woodpigeon hurting over a tall hedge or trees from behind a hide.

5. Shooting long, slow crossers 

Mounting too soon can lead to hesitation and stopping your swing – it needs to be smooth and continuous.

6. High-slow driven clays 

For this clay you really want your feet shoulder-width apart. The muzzles should be slightly below where the clay will emerge so you can see it.

7. Shooting ‘crow’ type clay targets 

Take the shot while the bird is still under power on the way up, or a moment or so before it reaches its peak.

8. Shooting the second clay on report 

The key here is to always remount on the second target.

9. Shooting a driven target 

In this clay pigeon shooting video Mark Russell talks through a basic method of shooting a driven target – a common presentation at English Sporting.

10. Long range targets and high birds 

Every target is hittable if it’s tackled correctly.


shooting battue clays

The battue is quite flat, unlike a standard clay

11. How to hit battue clays 

Knowledge is everything here

12. Shooting simultaneous pairs 

To be able to hit this type of target well, you need to have a plan.

13. Shooting a right and a left 

The second shot of a left and right is always the one that’s likely to drop a point on our scorecard.

14. Grouse targets 

There are three basics when shooting these targets – do you know what they are?

15. Dealing with minis, midis and standard clays 

Holding your own when you encounter different sizes

16. Hitting low incomers

You have to be disciplined here