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Buying your first ferret

A young reader asks for some advice

hob ferret

A hob ferret is generally easier to keep than a jill

Q: I am getting my first ferret. My parents are a bit apprehensive but I have managed to convince them that it is a good idea. I am unsure whether to get a male or a female.

A: I would always side towards your parents’ caution when answering this question as I have seen both sides of this particular argument. A lot of the time, youngsters get some ferrets and are as keen as mustard until the summer ends. Then it usually falls on the parents either to take over the good and bad bits or make the decision to take them to a ferret rescue centre.

For this reason I would hope that you have done your homework, got a good hutch sorted out and, when it comes to purchasing a ferret or two, you give it the time and life it deserves. I would suggest that you get two males (hobs) and next spring you get them castrated. They will live happily together until then, give each other fun and enjoyment as well as company. You won’t have the female (jill) season to worry about and won’t be tempted to breed from them just because you can. All animal owners, not just ferret owners, need to act responsibly when it comes to breeding. SW

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