Practical, stylish and warm. A shooting hat is the finishing touch to your outfit and here's why.

A shooting cap is essential because

  • It will keep the sun out of your eyes
  • It will stop your scalp getting sunburned
  • It will keep you warm
  • It will keep you dry
  • If you’re clayshooting it’ll protect your head from falling shards
  • You can match it to your shooting breeks or plus-fours.
  • It’s a kind of shooting uniform
practising shooting during lockdown

A cap should fit snugly but not tightly

Choosing the right size hats for shooting

Farlows says: “To measure your hat size, take a tape measure and place it on the forehead.  Pass it around the head, ensuring you include the widest part of the head above ears.”

Hat sizing chart

A cap or hat should fit snugly but not tightly, so that it is secure when you are walking, shooting and climbing over fences.

Our pick of the best hats for shooting

brown cashmere York cap

York cap by Cordings

Brown cashmere cap by Cordings RRP £95

This fashionable cap is designed and made in England using a Yorkshire cashmere tweed. The close-fitting cap, with a stitched down peak, would be  a stylish and useful addition to a wardrobe.

hats for shooting

Farlows classic tweed caps

Farlows classic tweed flat caps £44.99

You don’t get much more traditional than these. In a variety of different colours, these caps are fully lined with a hand-sewn peak.

A Gun talks shooting caps

John Sugden of Campbells of Beauly:  “The bulk of the shooting that I do is from November onwards, so a cap is an essential for me to keep the head warm! Equally, on an August day on the hill, a slight dip of the head and the peak blocks the sun from the eyes. I always match my cap with the plus fours I’m wearing. A bit of a habit. The best hats for shooting?  I’d feel lost without a good tweed cap on a shoot day, after all, nearly everyone is wearing one, from the guns right through to the wonderful team of beaters. ”

Purdey Loden baseball cap

Loden baseball cap by Purdey

Loden baseball cap by Purdey £75

A baseball cap? Well, it is made by Purdey no less.  A stylish and warm alternative for the field and a little less traditional, this baseball cap will easily sit ear defenders over the top.  The back is elasticated to provide a comfortable fit.

tweed cap

Beauly cap by Campbells of Beauly

Beauly cap by Campbells of Beauly £50

All the company’s caps are made in the UK in classic British traditional styles which haven’t changed for generations. This particular cap comes in four beautiful tweeds.

Cordings Barleycorn tweed cap

Cordings Barleycorn tweed cap

Cordings Barleycorn tweed £59

A neat close-fitting style. Caps by Cordings come in both tweeds and corduroy if you fancy a change.

William Powell Bakerboy cap

William Powell Bakerboy cap

William Powell Bakerboy tweed cap £55

Made from Scottish Lovat tweed, this cap has a satin lining and the peak has a press stud fastening, so you can wear it up or down.

Brocklehursts Brock tweed cap

Brocklehursts Brock tweed cap

Brocklehursts Brock tweed cap £49.95 

Brocklehursts comments: “Quintessentially British, tweed caps such as this have been a staple part of country fashion since the 1920’s.”

best hats for shooting

Laksen Clyde Highland cap

Laksen Clyde Highland cap £89 

Here’s a traditional tweed stalking hat. The flaps give your ears extra protection when the weather is inclement. Made from pure Scottish tweed, with stiffened peaks front and back to protect your face and neck from the sun.

harkila Metso winter cap

Harkila Metso winter cap

Harkila Metso winter cap £64.99 

Harkila says this cap has a “Bionic Finish” which reinforces the wool’s natural water and dirt-repellent properties. We don’t know if it will make you shoot better but you’ll certainly stay warm and dry.

Purdey traveller hat

Purdey Traveller hat

Purdey Traveller hat £175

We included this in our hats for shooting because a) it would look correct in the field and b) you can fold it up into your luggage without it losing its shape. So it’s perfect for travelling, as its name suggests.

Alan Paine Combrook ladies cap

Alan Paine Combrook ladies cap

Alan Paine Combrook ladies cap £44.95 

An extra wide peak gives good protection from wind and rain. We love the colours of this tweed, which would give a stylish finish to any country outfit.

hats for shooting

Schoffel Countryman tweed cap

Schoffel Countryman tweed cap £49.95

The tweed has been given a moisture and stain repellent finish, so if your muddy gundog sits on the cap he won’t make his mark for long.


hats for shooting

Hicks & Brown Suffolk fedora £89

A jaunty fedora is just the thing for women shooters, adding an elegance to a shooting outfit as well as being useful and practical. Keep your hair dry and in place, the sun out of your eyes and your mind on your shooting.