There's nothing like a spot of quilting for keeping you warm. On an autumn day when the sun is out, a quilted gilet is just the thing for keeping the chill off without letting you overheat. Here are seven options in different price ranges to consider, including one with its own thermal power source.

quilted shooting jackets

Seeland Hawker Quilt jacket

1. Seeland Hawker quilt jacket £64.99

This lightweight quilted jacket gives versatile warmth even when wet. Designed as either an outer or mid-layer, it is packable and comfortable to wear all year round.

quilted shooting jackets

Aigle Crochy

2. Aigle Crochy padded body warmer £105

This smart yet relaxed padded body warmer is inspired by the world of hunting and looks as suitable in the city as it does in the country. Made from durable material in bronze and navy, it will go perfectly with any Gun’s wardrobe.

quilted shooting jackets

Percussion 3-in 1 Normandie jacket

3. Percussion 3-in 1 Normandie jacket £130

This versatile hunting jacket comes with a removable quilted vest for more comfort on warmer days. Waterproof and breathable. Pit zips aid ventilation and there are plenty of pockets, including one with a detachable lined game bag.

quilted shooting jackets

Musto quilted Primaloft waistcoat

4. Musto quilted Primaloft waistcoat £150

This quilted waistcoat features water and wind resistant insulation that also offers wet weather performance. A streamlined fit makes layering under jackets or over wicking base layers effortless. Wear on a winter shoot for enhanced core warmth plus complete freedom of movement.

quilted shooting jackets

Harkila Heat V-neck waistcoat

5. Harkila Heat V-neck waistcoat £199.99

A waistcoat that can keep you warm at the touch of a button. Genius. There is a large, built-in heating membrane in the back that can be set exactly to the temperature you desire. Sitting on top of a tower on a cold day will never be as bitter again.

quilted shooting jackets

Laksen Woodhay quilted vest

6. Laksen Woodhay quilted vest £309

A modern take on the traditional tweed gilet, diamond quilted with a centre front zip. The vest’s edges and pockets are trimmed with soft, durable amaretta for a comfortable reinforcement. This lightweight waistcoat would be a sophisticated addition to any wardrobe.

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quilted shooting jackets

Purdey Felgate quilted jacket

7. Purdey Felgate quilted jacket £425

A single stitch quilt pattern gives a contemporary look, but being Purdey the jacket is both stylish, practical and comfortable in the field. It’s also warm, being filled with Primaloft, which keeps its insulation properties even in wet weather.