Rizzini RBEM Deluxe 20-bore

Do 20-bore guns recoil less than 12-bores?

Q: Over the last three seasons, more of our syndicate members have switched from 12-to 20-bore guns. They’re nice and light and I’m thinking of following suit. Or does the 12-bore still have advantages? Do 20-bore guns recoil less? A: My word, you’ve opened a can of worms here! Entire…

Browning 725 20-bore

Browning 725 20-bore

The shooting season is over for another year and guns that have seen action are being sent to the gunsmith for a strip, clean and service to ensure they are ready for next season. This is vital, especially if they have been used in wet weather, as water may find…

lady gun

How I chose my first gun

Kaylie says: “I think when it comes to gameshooting, often a girl’s first experience will be attending to accompany a Gun, rather than shooting herself. In my experience, if you’re fortunate enough to be given a shot or two, typically you’re handed a spare which is the least favoured in…

Zoli Pernice

Zoli Pernice 20 bore

The Zoli Pernice 20 bore will make an inarguable case for the heart as well as the head, combining great handling with eye-catching looks. That’s what I believe Zoli hopes. Excellent flowing lines It certainly is a pretty thing to behold, thanks to a lovely round body and excellent flowing…

AYA Premium 20-bore

AYA Premium 20-bore

I started reviewing shotguns for Shooting Times in 2006, but now I feel the time has come to hand over to another, younger enthusiast. The years seem to have  flown by and have been interesting to say the least. Shotguns tested included anything from a Purdey to a 9mm economy “ratting” gun, high-tech semi-autos to new hammerguns and…

Lincoln Vogue 20-bore game gun

Lincoln Vogue 20-bore game gun

Based on a limited edition shotgun with the same name from the early 1980s, the new version of the Lincoln Vogue over-and-under game gun is placed in the sub-£1,000 sector of the market. But what sets it apart from competitors? Lincolns have been built by F.A.I.R. (Fabbrica Armi Isodoro Rizzini) since 1971. The company prides itself on…

Zoli Game Standard 20 bore

Zoli Game Standard 20-Bore

Zoli is a make of shotgun that crops up from time to time, but is not as well known in the UK as perhaps it ought to be. Having said that, it has sold reasonably well but now, with the might of the importer Edgar Brothers behind it, I predict…

E J Churchill Coronet

E J Churchill Coronet 20 bore

Since 2010 E.J. Churchill,  perhaps most famous in the past for its 25″ barrel guns and today for its superb shooting ground on the outskirts of High Wycombe, has been producing guns in collaboration with Italian manufacturer Perazzi. This bold move raised more than a few eyebrows at the time, with some questioning how wise it was to put…

William Powell Monarch 20 bore

William Powell Monarch 20 bore

The name William Powell has been involved in gunmaking in Britain since 1802. The firm passed through the hands of many generations of Powells before the rise of European makers finally caught up with them and the business was sold to Mark and Christine Osborne in 2008, moving to a new site near Banbury. Today, one might be more familiar with…

Browning B725 20 bore

Browning B725 20 bore

The Browning B725 had a lot to live up to in replacing Browning‘s ageing but extremely successful B525. Thankfully, the Belgium-based company produced a gun which has proved popular  with the public and critics alike since its launch in the first half of 2013. I was suitably impressed when I tested the 12 bore Hunter (game) model, finding a gun with…

Beretta SV10 Perennia 20 bore

Beretta SV10 Perennia 20 bore

Gunmakers are often criticised for attempting to reinvent the wheel with each of their new releases, each increase in model number hiding a tiny change in designs which have been around for over 100 years. Beretta’s SV10 was something of a departure on its release five years ago, by virtue of being a wholly new gun. Browning has since followed…

Krieghoff K20

Krieghoff K20 shotgun review

Gun reviews: Krieghoff K20 shotgun: The Krieghoff K20 is a 20-bore shotgun for the discerning clay shooting fan.

Famars 20-bore shotgun review

Gun reviews: Famars 20-bore shotgun: This Famars over-under shotgun is an intriguing side-plated, Celtic engraved 20-bore.

Rottweil 20-bore shotgun review

Gun reviews: Rottweil 20-bore shotgun: This Rottweil 20-bore shotgun is a great little gun for taking out in the field.

Perazzi SC3 20-bore

Gun reviews: Perazzi SC3 shotgun: The Perazzi SC3 shotgun is an excellent game gun for use in the field.

Henry Atkin 20-bore renovation

Henry Atkin 20-bore: This Henry Atkin 20-bore renovation was originally built for legendary banker J.P. Morgan in 1900.

Yildiz 20-bore shotgun review

Yildiz 20-bore shotgun review

This shotgun from Turkish manufacturer, Yildiz, is practical 20-bore that combines modern manufacturing techniques with a touch of the traditional.

Rizzini Premier 20-bore: second look

Rizzini Premier 20-bore shotgun: Take a look at the Rizzini 20-bore shotgun - an Italian-made gun that looks set to win new friends in Britain.