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Wondering which gun would suit you best when you’re off to a clay pigeon shoot?

Guns for clayshooting reviewed

We’ve reviewed a massive selection of guns to cover a lot of different disciplines within clay shooting and a vast variety of budgets. You’ll also find shotguns that will double up for gameshooting too if you’re looking for an all-rounder.

Well-known brands like Blaser, Miroku, Browning, Beretta are all included, and you’ll discover details of both new and second-hand recommendations.

We’ve also selected clay guns to suit different budgets in different price ranges, from entry-level to wallet-busting.

Powdered clay

Whatever the discipline, correct gunfit is key and is a strong gun mount (we show you how to practice this at home here).

If you’re new to clayshooting, you might like to brush up on some of the terminology (you’ll find a guide here).

We also have useful articles by coaches to improve your claypigeon shooting and refine your technique.

Caesar Guerini Invictus V

Caesar Guerini Invictus V Ascent

My first impressions were it is a good looking gun with lovely wood and fancy engraving. The Invictus V Ascent has a fine looking action, which I understand to be hand engraved in part. Whatever, it is rather nice, a pheasant on one side and a partridge on the other…

Mossberg 500

Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun: an American classic

I have been a fan of pump actions all my life. There is something rugged about a pump, and that certainly applies to the Mossberg 500. The Mossberg 500 is an American favourite that has been in production for over 50 years – that’s more than 10 million shotguns and…


Beretta DT11L

I had been wanting to test a DT11 for some time now, particularly the DT11L – the Lux version. A trip to my favourite gun dealer (J. F. Neville of Alfreton) revealed a second-hand DT11L to be available, which they were happy for me to borrow for a few days.…

Yildiz Pro Sporter Black

Yildiz Pro Black Sporter

When Jonathan at Orston Shooting Ground in Nottinghamshire suggested I try the Yildiz Pro Black Sporter I did not know what to think. Yildiz is a little-known brand to me and I have always thought of its guns as affordable starters. The Turkish gunmaker Yildiz has a wide range of…

Beretta 486 Parellelo

Beretta 486 Parallelo shotgun reviewed: a ‘little cracker of a gun’

At first glance, this month’s shotgun – the Beretta 486 Parallelo – may appear to be one for the diehard traditionalists – but look a little harder and you may be in for something of a surprise. Beretta 486 Parallelo is a little bit different Sitting as it does within…

shotguns for under £1000

20 of the best shotguns for under £1000

Finding a gun at the right price can be tough. We’ve listed 20 shotguns for under £1000 here that we think are well worth a look, both new and second-hand. It’s also worth reading our advice on buying a shotgun second-hand where you might pick up a real bargain. If…

shotguns for clay pigeon shooting

15 of the best shotguns for clay pigeon shooting

1. Kofs Sceptre from £450 This made the list of best shotguns for clay pigeon shooting because it’s a great beginner’s gun for those on a budget. Good quality for a low price. Kofs come in 28, 20 and 12 gauge, with various barrel lengths and upgrades available.    …

A-Z guide to shooting terms

What’s my best gun for shooting clays and game?

Can you use a clay gun on a pheasant shoot? Yes. A lot of the differences between a clay and a game gun are subtle. Ventilated and wider ribs, manual safety and slightly different woodwork won’t really stand out on a game day. Most of the day the gun will…

used Marocchi Evo Black

Used guns – the Marocchi Evo Black

Why a used Marocchi Evo Black is a good buy The Marocchi Evo Black is a gun intended to appeal to the clay shooting market and available in both trap and sporting formats. The Trap gun is available with 30in barrels and has a beavertail fore-end, and there is also…

woman clayshooter

What you need to know about adjustable shotguns

Would having an adjustable shotgun improve matters? The shotgun is evolving. Most shotgun manufacturers are developing new designs, models or features for their guns. We are the other part of the equation in that we probably believe that if we have the latest gun we will shoot better. We are…

Nikko 5000 series

The Nikko 5000 series

The Nikko Firearms Company is a subsidiary of the Kodensha Company, once a major manufacturer within the Japanese firearms industry. It operated out of the Tochigi prefecture about a hundred miles north of Tokyo, where Nikko is a major town that is not only a popular tourist destination but also…

clay pigeon shooting grounds near London

What’s a good budget shotgun for clayshooting?

The first thing to consider when buying a first clay gun It’s crucial that you buy a gun which fits you. Otherwise your shooting will suffer and you might as well not be out on the clay ground. If you’re buying your gun at a gunsmith’s they will check it…

trap shooting

Here’s what you should know about trap guns and trap shooting

A trap gun is designed for trap shooting and not much use for anything else. Trap guns are specifically designed for the discipline. Features of a trap gun Long barrels, usually at 32in, to help with a smooth and consistent swing High comb height which helps with shot placement and…

Beretta A400 Upland 12-bore

Beretta A400 Upland 12-bore

It seems to be the season 
to review semi-automatics, 
with the latest offering — 
a new A400 Upland 12-bore 
— coming from Beretta. This one is a little sexed up compared with our last two camouflaged offerings, with a wooden stock and nickel-plated action, complete with some pheasant and partridge…

Perugini & Visini HVR

Perugini & Visini HVR

The Perugini & Visini shotgun we’re examining this month is a custom version, the brainchild of John Jeffries. John has been involved with shotgun customising for more than 50 years and looks to improve the performance and handling of existing products, matching these improvements with a bespoke fitting service. John…

Beretta S686

The Beretta S686 Special

Beretta is one of the best-known firearms manufacturers. While it is possible to pay a very large amount of money for a hand-finished Beretta shotgun,  the company also produces a wide variety of more affordable mass-produced guns of superb quality. The Beretta 686 action Guns based on the Beretta 686…

Perazzi MX2000 S

Perazzi MX2000 S

Perazzi has earned its place in shooting folklore. Since the 1950s the Italian company has built shotguns that combine traditional gunsmithing with high technology. Used by shooters such as George Digweed and Olympic medallists like Peter Wilson and Steven Scott, these shotguns have attained an elite reputation, yet the company…