venison sausage and egg muffin recipe

Venison sausage and egg muffin recipe

Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day and Cai ap Bryn's venison and sausage muffin really does it justice.

unusual gundog breeds

Unusual gundog breeds

David Tomlinson suggests some unusual gundog breeds for the adventurous Gun who fancies something a little bit different

steel bio wad cartridges

What did our tester make of the latest ‘eco-cartridges’?

Margaret Heffernan, the writer and entrepreneur, said: “For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument and debate.” Shooting has had this in spadefuls of late, largely on the topic of cartridges. In February 2020, the British shooting organisations unanimously voiced their support for the phasing out…

using a pigeon hide

How to use a hide for pigeon shooting

Almost all of us, at some point over the course of a season, will end up shooting from a hide of some sort, be it a duck hide, grouse butt or, if you’re lucky, a dove blind. Each quarry species requires differing skills but the principles of shooting from a…

cider brined pheasant

Recipe for cider brined pheasant

One of the few criticisms thrown at game meat is that it can sometimes have the propensity to go dry after cooking. This is especially true of pheasant if it isn’t handled with a bit of care and sensitivity. Even with the buttery yellow fat on the breast of a…

black white and tan cocker colour

Cocker spaniels come in almost any colour you can think of

Last season, 
I admired a handsome black cocker dog I met on a shoot. His owner, unaware that I make a living from writing about gundogs, proceeded to give me a short lecture on cockers. He assured me that it was a far older breed than the springer, which is…

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Mercedes-Benz G-Class £94,000

Mercedes launched the G-Class — also known as the G-Wagen — in 1979, and it’s the longest-running line out of Stuttgart. Synonymous with oligarchs and footballers, the G-Wagen is a ‘glitzy’ 4×4, but is there a capable vehicle beneath? Firstly, whatever you do, don’t scratch it or kerb it. Its…

Red stag

The mighty stags of the English lowlands

Lockdown has been a time for daydreaming. Trapped indoors for days on end and confined to barracks during a beautiful spring, thoughts have 
now begun to return towards sporting ambitions. A friend in Yorkshire has nurtured a lifelong ambition to cast a fly into the Hampshire chalkstreams. He has been…

working sheepdog

How much do trained dogs cost?

Dogs are amazing creatures and some are worth a lot of money. We’ve been reading about the high prices puppies have reached during the COVID lockdown as everyone decides they want a canine companion. A border collie from Wales has just become the world’s most expensive sheepdog after being sold…

Golden retriever

Why aren’t golden retrievers more popular in the field?

You’ll see plenty of Labradors in the field but not so many golden retrievers. Which is rather illogical because a golden retriever that has been well-trained is definitely the equal of a Labrador. Golden retrievers are handsome, intelligent and easy to handle. So it’s a mystery. A relatively new breed…

black Labrador puppy

What your puppy will need to get used to when lockdown ends

This has been an unusual time for all of us in pretty much every aspect of our lives and dog training is no exception. In some ways lockdown has helped in that people now have more time to spend with their dogs. However, given that most were unable to leave…

smoked pheasant breast

Smoked pheasant with roast squash and green sauce

It’s always a challenge to come up with new, different ways of cooking pheasant breast. More often than not, I will have skinned the birds and removed the useful breast and leg meat as I go along. The freezer will steadily fill up with vacuum-packed pheasant protein and over the…

famous guns

Five famous guns and their owners

Should my guns eventually be catalogued by an auctioneer, I expect my ownership to make not a jot of difference to the valuation. Frankly, nobody is going to pay 
more for the bragging rights of owning a gun once waved at pheasants in my distinctly average hands. If, however, a…

spaniel in long grass

How to get ticks off your dog and keep them off

A welcome consequence of the recent drought has been an absence of ticks. I have yet to find any ticks on dogs of mine this year. Ticks like nothing better than to lurk in wet, rank grass and they avoid dry areas because of the risk of dehydration. So from…

Fausti 28-bore Class Round

Fausti 28-bore 
Class Round 

Our verdict So, after negotiations 
between the trade 
associations and the government to enable shooting to restart, I was able to wander slowly back into the school suffering significant withdrawal symptoms, having not pulled a trigger for some time. Shortly before we had to close I did the test on…

Shooting from pigeon hide

What to look for when buying a gun

It always amazes me how many people are seduced by the aesthetic of a gun before they’ve even analysed how well it’s built and given some serious thought to how it handles. I suppose, in many ways, that’s the point. We all like pretty things, it’s simply human nature, so…

Labrador puppy training

Tips on training a Labrador puppy

Jeremy Hunt has trained hundreds of Labradors. Here is his advice on picking the right puppy training class for your youngster.

pigeon shooter

How to get a shooting permission

Persuading a landowner to allow you access to their valuable business with a firearm can make decoying wary woodies or achieving blind retrieves over water look like child’s play. In 1987 I was bitten by the 
music bug. I bought an album by 
The Housemartins — a good name