steel shot

Will my shotgun be safe with steel shot cartridges?

I would like to try steel shot for wildfowling in my 2.5in chambered gun, but I have been told by some of my friends that I cannot do so unless the gun has been especially proofed to take it.

game chilli recipe

Easy game chilli recipe

There is great pleasure to be taken from filling the fridge 
and the freezer with food 
you have provided. Whether that be shot game, foraged fruit or fungi, vegetables from the garden or herbs from the wayside, it is extremely satisfying. Like many Shooting Times readers 
I jealously guard my…

target shooting

The legalities of target shooting on private land

Q: In terms of firearms, where would I stand legally with firing on private land? I have access to acres of land isolated from the public, but would I be legally allowed to purchase a firearm 
and perform target shooting there, with the landowner’s permission, 
or would I have to…

British Shooting Show 2019

7 reasons why you should go to the British Shooting Show

1.Because you’re looking for a new or used shotgun Whatever your discipline, whether you’re a gameshooter, a wildfowler or a clayshooter, this is the place to come. You’ll find thousands of new and used shotguns to choose from at prices for every budget. Expect to discover some excellent “show only” offers.…

dogs in snow

Keeping your dog safe in the snow

Dogs in snow Arguably the biggest problem with working a dog in snow is ice balling in the dog’s pads and, if it is a spaniel, its feathers. Ice balling depends on the type of snow and the air temperature, but it can be a real distraction to working dogs,…

sound moderator fit

Will a sound moderator fit two different rifles?

Sound moderators are ever popular for sporting use these days, but ill treatment or neglect can cause corroded threads, misalignment or they can become permanently attached to the barrel.

Venison sausages

A simple recipe for venison sausages

Venison sausages by Barry Stoffell. Making sausages at home requires little specialist knowledge or equipment. As a minimum, you will need a way of mincing the ingredients and a means of getting the result into an edible tube. Simple hand-cranked mincers — the sort that your grandmother had — can…

Sauer 100 Pantera .308 stalking rifle

Sauer 100 Pantera .308 stalking rifle

Designed as a compact, longer-range, fast-handling rifle, the Pantera — from Sauer’s Model 100 series — is equally good in the field. The manufacturer’s Model 100 rifles range from walnut-stocked classic to laminate, synthetic and camo-clad variants, but the one on test was the dual-role Pantera in .308 Win, which…

improve airgun accuracy

How to improve the accuracy of your air rifle

Most shooters want to be able to shoot more accurately and there are lots of things you can do to improve the precision of the average airgun. Serious geeks take it to the absolute extreme. While “dark arts” such as tuning a gun’s internals and washing and weighing pellets can…

Gundog pedigree certificate

What to look for in a gundog’s pedigree certificate

The breeder should provide the puppy’s pedigree before you make a commitment to buy. The pedigree is one of the things a serious breeder uses to plan a litter. An educated buyer looks at the pedigree when deciding whether to buy a puppy, and a responsible breeder will be proud to…

Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18x56 P

How can you stop a scope fogging up?

Q: When I travel to my stalking grounds in a warm car my scope’s lenses fog up in the cold weather. What, if anything, can 
I do to stop this? It’s a real nuisance and very irritating when I want to get out in the field Bruce Potts offers some…

not the best water for dogs

Be careful of the water your dog drinks

Dogs need lots of water. There are records of dogs living for weeks without food, but if they are deprived of water their survival is limited to days. Quite how much an individual dog needs to drink every day depends on a number of factors, ranging from diet to the…

Venison carpaccio

An easy recipe for venison carpaccio

Venison carpaccio – serves four This is my favourite way to eat venison raw, though you might say I’ve stretched the definition a bit by sealing the meat; in my opinion, this definitely still counts as raw and the seasoned, seared outer surface adds an extra layer of flavour. Many…

Dumped pheasant video provokes strong reaction from shooting organisations

The video was allegedly taken in November 2018 at Cotesbach Game farm in Leicestershire. Although it was found that the birds had been breasted, shooting organisations have united to condemn the activity shown. Liam Bell, Chairman of the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation said, “The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation is deeply dismayed by…

Roast loin of hare

Roast loin of hare with a chocolate and redcurrant sauce

Roast loin of hare with a chocolate and redcurrant sauce Serves 4 Ingredients – Vegetable oil for frying 2 rib ends of hare, chopped up with bones on to 1in pieces ½ onion, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped ½ stick celery, finely chopped 1 carrot, finely chopped Dessert…

Can I run an air rifle range at a fete?

Q: I am thinking of running an air rifle range at a church fete. Is this lawful and if so, what do I need to look out for when running it? Any pointers would be useful. A: An air rifle range at a church fete 
is a “miniature rifle” range…


Blowing the whistle on harsh dog handling

Earlier this year, the resignation of the honorary secretary of the Utility Gundog Society (UGS) Kent and East Sussex, Bernadette Restorick, not only caused ructions in the society, but also generated headline stories in The Times, the Daily Telegraph and Our Dogs. What Mrs Restorick had done was raise the…