cooking venison fillet

Which deer species offers the most delicious venison?

Which is the most delicious venison? Muntjac We kicked off the tasting with the smallest species. After the first bite Nick and I were both wondering if we’d tried the best first — how could the others compete? Muntjac has the mildest flavour of all the species. Yet it is…

Ruger No 1

Ruger No. 1S in .30-06

A single-shot rifle may not be for everyone, but if you are a little more discerning and value the true essence of hunting, then the Ruger No.1 is 
a beautifully crafted and great-looking rifle. Many sportsmen and women enjoy the quality and designs of times long gone, but also demand…

using an airgun

Can a local registered firearms dealer ‘confiscate’ an air rifle?

Q: I have just taken my air rifle into my local registered firearms dealer (RFD) for some work. While he had it, he tested it over a chronoscope and said that with a heavy pellet it produced 12.4ft/lb of energyy and because of that he is not allowed to give…

Roan springer spaniel

Can you prevent arthritis in dogs?

Q: Is there anything that can be done to delay or prevent the onset of arthritis in older dogs? Controlling your dog’s weight 
by feeding a healthy diet and keeping your dog fit by providing regular exercise are probably the most significant things you can do to prevent or delay…

training an HPR breed

The trick to training an HPR breed

Some traditionalists dismiss HPRs as unnecessary for British shooting, but David Tomlison finds out why owners of these dogs so passionately disagree

The truth about pigeon damage

Perhaps this is a good time to pause and ask a question: do we really need to shoot woodpigeons? If the general licence fiasco has reminded us of anything, it is that for pigeons to be controlled, they must be doing not just damage, but serious damage. 
So is this…

over and under shotgun

What’s the law on inheriting a shotgun?

Some months after my father passed away the police told my mother that because his shotgun certificate had lapsed she should hand his gun to the local gun shop.

multi-shot airguns

Why do multi-shot airguns cost more?

Paying more for a pre-charged airgun with a magazine-fed firing cycle is probably justified if 
you intend to use it for hunting. When 
a fast second shot is required to finish off wounded quarry, the extra speed of being able to cock and reload the gun with the throw of…

Chapuis Armes Rols Elegance

Chapuis Armes Rols Elegance

In general, French manufacturer Chapuis Armes is associated more often with quality double rifles and shotguns than modern straight-pull rifles, but the Chapuis Armes Rols Elegance rifle is a refreshingly new and innovative take on the straight-pull operating system. I tested the Elegance model, as I had seen it at…

Irish water spaniel

The Irish water spaniel

The joker in the spaniel pack. No, not my words, but those of an Irish water spaniel owner and enthusiast, talking about the foibles and idiosyncrasies of his favourite breed. The Irish water spaniel, he assured me, could lay claim to being the only HPR native to these islands. He…

selling game

How to sell your game without going through a game dealer

Last year the game market was one of the best to date for game dealers selling into home and international markets. Across the south of England the three main dealers were reporting that they were short of pheasants. The economics of the game market are complex but game dealers, despite…

What happens when you use an imitation owl to lure crows and magpies?

Corvid control with an air rifle can be unpredictable. There are days when the quiet stealth of a moderated airgun can be a real asset, enabling you to pick off countless birds before they wise up to what’s going on. And, of course, there are plenty of times when suspicious…

dog with injured tail

The law on tail docking

Docked tails: I want to ask my new picking-up team about their dogs' docked tails.

Merkel K3 Extreme .308

Merkel K3 Extreme .308

Merkel, one of the oldest gunmakers in the Suhl district of Germany, is renowned for its fine shotguns, rifles and double- or triple-barrelled guns. The Merkel K3 Extreme .308 harks back to the tradition of quality single-shot rifles that are popular for Alpine regions, travelling hunters and those who like and…

Clumber spaniel in sugar beet

How did traditional gundogs fare in Kennel Club registrations in 2018?

Has the dog-buying British public gone barking mad? Last year, as was widely predicted, the French bulldog became Britain’s most popular pedigree breed, ousting the Labrador from the top spot it has held for many years. According to the Kennel Club 36,785 French bulldogs were registered in 2018, compared with…