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10 of the best – guns, clothes, ammo and kit for shooters

We've picked out some top choices

Sasta Mehto Pro 2.0 Shooting Jacket

Sasta Mehto Pro 2.0 Shooting Jacket

We’ve reviewed guns, clothes, accessories and ammunition to give shooters the most informed choice when they’re looking to buy kit. So here’s a guide to our best lists for shooters, so that you can browse through the best guns for clayshooting, the best breeks for shooting, the best airguns for those on a budget.

If you want to check out our gun reviews you can do it here and we also have a selection on ammunition and clothing for shooters.

The best lists for shooters

Blaser F16

Blaser F16

1. 10 of the best shotguns for clay pigeon shooting 

Shane Robinson looks through the choices available, covering all budgets and the different clayshooting disciplines.

best lists for shooters footwear

Boots for shooting

2. 15 of the best boots for shooting

For dog handlers, stalkers, walked-up shooters – we’ve sifted through a selection and come up with some sturdy (and comfortable) choices.

best lists for shooters shotguns

3. 8 of the best game guns 

These are the ones we’d have in our sights if we were buying.

4. 20 of the best shotguns for under £1000

Finding a gun at the right price is tough. So we asked an expert to pick out 20 different models from different manufacturers.

best shooting breeks

5. 10 of the best shooting breeks 

In tweed, cord and moleskin. For both men and women, in breathable, waterproof, washable and warm fabrics.

Jobs in shooting

6. Choosing the best all-round shotgun for you

If you could only choose one shotgun here’s how to pick out what you need.

air rifle pellets

Air rifle pellets

7. Air rifle pellets – what’s best? 

Mat Manning guides you through your choices.

8. Best rifle for shooting foxes

A single-shot rifle. Or should you opt for a bolt or lever-action rifle? George Wallace makes some suggestions.

Gaiters for shooting

9. Best gaiters for walked-up shooting

They’ll keep out ticks, wet, mud and brambles whilst you are striding across fields and moors.

10. 7 of the best air guns for under £300

Airgunning is an affordable sport and Mat Manning has found some reliable, full-power airguns that are an absolute bargain.