Mike George

Gun reviews: Blaser K95 Luxus rifle: The Blaser K95 Luxus single-shot rifle is a traditional, and well-built, stalking rifle.

I recently bought a new Beretta, and I am not shooting very well with it. When I tested it against a pattern sheet, I found most of the pellets were…

Recently my over-under Sporter started failing to fire the second barrel. My gunsmith fixed it quickly, and said the problem was something to do with inertia. Can you explain?

I have just bought my first ever gun - a Browning B425. As part of the sale the dealer gave me a cleaning kit containing an oil bottle and a…

.223 Remington cartridges: Developed for the US military, the .223 Remington provides the perfect vermin and small deer calibre, particularly if you are prepared to reload.

The .17 Remington cartridge has often received mixed reviews. However, given the right situation, it is the ideal cartridge for varmint shooting.

.260 Remington cartridge review: The .260 Remington cartridge is a versatile little bullet that is ideal as both a fox and deer round.

Remington shotgun: 44 years after it was first produced, Remington's most recent model of its iconic 1100 semi-automatic has remained true to its strengths.