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What’s the best ammunition for a Browning?

Bruce Potts brings his experience to the question

Browning ammunition

Q: I have a new Browning X-Bolt in .308 Win. The gunsmith said that the new Browning BXR ammunition would be best to use in it. Is that true?

A: Like most guns, rifles have their own preferences regarding ammunition they prefer. It is not always the case that a particular make from the same rifle manufacturer will shoot the best. It is wise to buy a few boxes of different ammunition of that calibre and different bullet weights 
to see what works best in your rifle.

These loads are made under licence by Winchester to Browning’s specifications. There are two main categories of bullet type. The first is a rapidly expanding bullet called the BXR, which uses a nickel-washed bullet with flat-base construction and a large matrix tip that has extended width and length. The second is the BXC bullet for a more controlled and deeper penetration on bigger species and which has an aluminium cap.

Ballistically, the BXR .308 Win 
155-gr load on test has a muzzle velocity of 2,820fps for 2,737ft/lb energy, with a ballistic coefficient of 0.405 and sectional density of 0.233. The BXR enlarged tip is designed specifically to aid in two ballistic areas of concern to a shooter: trajectory down-range ballistics and terminal energy transfer.

You would have to test a few in your rifle to see if they work. If they don’t, try Sako, Norma, RWS, Remington or Federal — these are all good-quality rifle ammunition makers. I have used the new Browning BXR ammo to good effect on sika, muntjac and roe.