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There are many different options for shooting insurance. Insurance for when you go shooting is easy to obtain and is included in the subscriptions of many of the countryside organisations. Here is a selection of articles which answer various questions about the issue and the legalities involved.

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Is comprehensive insurance really necessary for sporting guns?

Should you get gun insurance? No, says Robin Scott. It would be worth splashing the cash each year if I had a gun that was eye-wateringly expensive or rare. I don’t. My English guns are nicely made and lovely to use but they’re not front-row specimens and don’t do a…

Shooting insurance for shooters

Should everyone be covered by shooting insurance?

I run a small syndicate shoot where members can bring a friend each time we shoot. I think it only fair that everybody who comes along is insured and I've asked that, in future, visiting Guns bring proof of insurance (BASC membership etc) with them on the day.

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Insurance for shooters – is it necessary?

A: It isn’t, but it would be foolish of you to go shooting without insurance. Accidents when out shooting are more common than you might think and can happen to anyone. It is common practice for sporting agents to ask Guns to provide evidence of their insurance before they shoot. The same applies to shoot captains and hosts on…

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Do I need special insurance to go shooting?

Q: Do I need special insurance to go shooting? I’m a bit confused by all this liability stuff… A: I have always thought it completely extraordinary that it is a legal requirement to be insured while driving a car but not while using a gun. But that is the case. That said, no responsible person would ever shoot without…

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Shooting insurance: what are your options?

Game shots have a unique relationship with the weather. While others cower inside, a line of guns will happily stand in the pouring rain, the familiar smell of damp tweed curling into their nostrils as they wait for the birds to fly over. Yet fortitude is not always enough, and…