Looking for a smock for stalking, wildfowling or airgunning? We've picked out a selection of the best in different price ranges from £69 to £579.

There are times when only a smock will fit the bill. Here are twelve to consider, picked out by Sporting Gun, Shooting Gazette and Shooting Times. Prices correct at time of writing.


Hoggs of Fife Struther waterproof smock field jacket

Hoggs of Fife Struther Waterproof Smock Field Jacket

1. Hoggs of Fife Struther Waterproof Smock Field Jacket

A waterproof and breathable 3/4 length field smock with large front packet to store your maps, binoculars etc.

BUY Hoggs of Fife Struther Waterproof Smock Field Jacket now on Amazon from £69.95


Seeland feral smock

The Seeland Feral Smock

2. Seeland Feral Smock

Part of Seeland’s GP Camo range, this smock was developed specifically for summer stalking. It has been shaped to follow body movement and is both hard-wearing and silent for when the slightest sound could make or break a day.

Cluny Country Store from £70


Jack Pyke Galbraith Smock

Jack Pyke Galbraith Smock

3. Jack Pyke Galbraith Smock

Sporting Gun asked reviewer Mat Manning to try it out. He said: “Lightweight, quiet and stylish, it’s a great-all rounder that lends itself particularly well to those days when the weather could go either way… when it comes to keeping out the elements, the Galbraith delivers.”

BUY Jack Pyke Galbraith Smock now on Amazon from £53.19


Ridgeline Cyclone smock

Ridgeline Cyclone Smock

4. Ridgeline Cyclone Smock

Says Shooting Gazette: “This shooting smock was designed for the rigours of outdoor life and is as comfortable as it is practical. It is hardwearing, warm, waterproof and windproof.”

Ridgeline £89.99

Deerhunter Avanti smock

Deerhunter Avanti Smock

5. Deerhunter Avanti Smock

Quite simply a superb hunting and shooting jacket. Waterproof, windproof and breathable. What more could you want? Available in camo or plain versions.

New Forest Clothing £99.95


Swazi Rifleman Smock

Swazi Rifleman Smock

6. Swazi Rifleman Smock

Made from Swazi’s Aegis Strata fabric, the Rifleman is light enough to carry all day for hunters who want to climb high and fast, but still performs in wet weather.

Swazi £130


Monsoon Elite II Smock

Monsoon Elite II Smock

7. Monsoon Elite II Smock

Sporting Gun’s airgunning expert Mat Manning put this revamped smock through its paces. He said: “A light and versatile smock that does an admirable job sealing out wind, rain and snow.”

Ridgeline £239.99

Swazi Apparel Kagoule Smock

Swazi Apparel Kagoule Smock

8. Swazi Apparel Kagoule Smock

Shooting Times says: ” This new technical jacket for hunters is lightweight – only 880g – with a roomy upper body and a chest pocket that allows easy access for a radio antenna. It features a high periphery vision hood, extra-large handwarmer pockets and riveted flaps.”

Bushwear £419.99


Swazi Tahr XP

Swazi Tahr XP

9. Swazi Tahr XP Smock

Winner of the best new clothing product in the Shooting Industry Awards 2017. The judges said: “The benchmark in practical wet weather gear. It’s 100 per cent waterproof, 100 per cent windproof, yet remarkably light and very breathable.”

BUY Swazi Tahr XP Smock now on Amazon from £399.99


Harkila Pro Hunter Move

Harkila Pro Hunter Move

10. Harkila Pro Hunter Move

Newly launched in July 2018, this is a cross between a jacket and a smock, offering the advantages of both. Lined with the new GORE-TEX® Spider Liner, it is breathable and lightweight.

Harkila £489


Harkila Atle Waterproof Smock

Harkila Atle Waterproof Smock

11. Harkila Atle Waterproof Smock

A long hunting smock primarily designed for stalking with  a waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® membrane and a brushed DWR-treated surface. Soft to touch, silent and fully windproof.

Farlows £489

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Laksen Ainsley

Laksen Ainsley

12. Laksen Ainsley Anorak

A shooting smock designed for stalking, using traditional wool tweed combined with modern technical features.

William Evans £579