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The best clothing for beaters (and pickers-up)

A beater's time in the field is key to the success of a shoot day. What they wear is important - from keeping feet dry and comfortable to staying warm, cool and dry

best clothing for beaters

We asked those in the know what they think is the best clothing for beaters. What to wear and what to avoid. (Read our beating on a shoot day rules for some more advice.)

Liam Stokes, CEO of the British Game Assurance (formerly British Game Alliance) advises: “As a gamekeeping lecturer I introduced a lot of young people to beating and I’ve seen them turn up in all sorts of gear. The most important thing is to turn up and not worry about being on trend. Layers, waterproofs and wellies (or shooting boots and gaiters) are your friends, jeans are not. I’ve seen plenty of people survive a day beating in jeans, but one drive through a soggy cover crop and that denim will be sodden, heavy and freezing cold.

Keen stalker and Shot John Sugden of Campells of Beauly notes: “The beaters certainly get more miles in their legs than the Guns on a driven day, so stalking boots rather than wellies is a good start. The more durable the clothing the better really, ensuring that you’ll be comfortable in all elements, snow, rain, wind and sun! Layering is always important up top, so shirt, jumper and perhaps a lightweight waterproof jacket.  In terms of colour, as ever in fieldsports, the best clothing for beaters is in green and brown, to blend into the fields and woods that you’ll be crossing.

Lisa-Marie Davison goes beating at weekends during the season and came to it after she moved to a new area with her job. She comments: “For my first day in the field, I wasn’t sure how to dress for the event.  I thought I’d be okay, but the terrain was very muddy, and my suede boots were effectively ruined after the first day.  My waxed coat also didn’t have any pocket space and was not comfortable or suitable for walking through brambles or cover crops.  

“Also, as beating isn’t stalking, I have heard too that camo is not really the right kind of clothing as it isn’t formal enough for a driven shoot.  I have seen camo being worn, but not by many. Personally I wouldn’t wear camo on a game shoot whilst beating.”   

“Through trial and error I have found out what works for me.”

Best clothing for beaters

Le Chameau Mens Vierzonord Wellington Boots £190 

Le Chameau Mens Vierzonord Wellington Boots

Best for warmth

Material: 3mm Neoprene lining for warmth
Colours: Marron, vert vierzon
Sizes: 6.5, 7, 8, 10.5, 12, 12.5, 14
Waterproof: Yes

+ Idea for temperatures from +15°C to -5°C.

+ Superior comfort when walking

– Price

These boots are the most popular Le Chameau wellington boots for a few reasons. For starters they keep feet warm in cold conditions and secondly they have an adjustable gusset which you can alter to suit the width of your calves. There’s also a ladies version too, Le Chameau Womens Vierzonord Neoprene Lined Wellington Boots.  

The sole is hardwearing and the footbed offers excellent stability in slippery conditions.

Lisa  says she wears the men’s boots in a size 6, as they fitted her better around the calf than the women’s version. (You can read our list of the best shooting wellies here.)


Schoffel Womens Braemar Sock £14.95

schoffel womens braemar sock

Best for not rubbing at ankle or rolling down

Material: 80% merino wool, 20% nylon
Colours: Cobalt blue, dusty pink, pink
Sizes: 4-7
Machine washable: Yes

+ Won’t roll down

+ Merino wool draws moisture

These socks not only look good but perform well. The merino wool content will keep you warm whilst wicking away moisture from hard-working feet. They won’t fall down into uncomfortable folds inside your boots but will stay up well. The only downside is, they’re almost too attractive to keep hidden away.


Schoffel Mens Houndstooth Sock £17.95

schoffel mens houndstooth sock

Best for comfort and breathability

Material: 80% merino wool, 20% nylon
Colours: Toffee, dark teal
Sizes: 7-11
Machine washable: Yes

+ Won’t roll down

+ Merino wool draws moisture

With all the features of the women’s socks above, here’s one for the men.

(If you’re wondering about shooting socks you can read our list of best shooting socks here.)


Seeland Womens Woodcock Advanced Lady Jacket Was £189.99 now £168.95

seelands womens woodcock jacket

Best for robust qualities

Material: Four way stretch fabric
Colours: Shaded olive
Sizes: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18
Waterproof: Yes, SEETEX® membrane
+ Fleece lined handwarmer pockets
+ Allows plenty of movement

Highly stylish and practical, this shooting coat will see you right on the beating line or when you’re out shooting in the field. It’s waterproof and windproof, has a detachable hood, adjustable waist and cuffs and large front cartridge pockets.

Lisa says she has worn her Seeland Woodcock jacket out beating for the past three seasons and it’s still in good condition. She adds: “The Seeland Woodcock  is made to a high standard. It is completely waterproof, even in torrential conditions and from three season’s wear, the fabric hasn’t been damaged from the bushes, brambles and barbed wire fence lines, Plus, the pocket space is fantastic.” Certainly deserves a place on our list of best clothing for beaters then. 


Seeland Mens Woodcock Advanced Jacket Was £199.99 Now £177.95

Seeland mens woodcock advanced jacket

With all the same qualities as the women’s jacket listed above, but cut for the male figure. Another must-mention on our best clothing for beaters listing.


See our list of the best shooting jackets for more ideas.

Schoffel Womens Ashley Tattersall Shirt £69.95

schoffel womens ashley tattersall shirt

Best for comfort

Material: 97% Cotton/3% Elastane
Colours: Dusty Pink/Chilli/Green/Grey and Grey/Chilli/Mode/Cobalt
Sizes: 8-18
Machine washable: Yes
+ Stretch for comfort
+ Classic fit

Lisa says: “I prefer the soft fabrics of these shirts as they are cosier and especially practical for moving around and walking long distances. I have sensitive skin and these options work best for me. They wash well too.”


Schoffel Mens Burnham Tattersall Shirt Was £69.95 Now £48.95

schoffel mens burnham tattersall shirt

Best for moving from the field to the pub afterwards

Material: 100% cotton
Colours: Aubergine Check, Blue/Olive Check, Bordeaux Check, River Bed, Ruby Check
Sizes: 15 inch, 15.5 inch, 16 inch, 16.5 inch, 17 inch, 17.5 inch, 18 inch, 18.5 inch, 19 inch, 19.5 inch
Machine washable: Yes
+ Smart/casual
+ Two cuff button position plus option for your own cufflinks.
A Tattersall check shirt will always have its place out in the field, whether you’re beating, picking-up or one of the Guns. You can also wear one when you’re out exercising the dog, meeting friends in the pub or at a country event. Take a list of the best Tattersall shirts here if you’d like to see some more options.


Heather Buchanan Wax Flat Cap £14.95

heather buchanan waxed flat cap

Best for changing seasons

Material: Cotton with Ecowax / Silkwax finish
Colours: Brown, navy, olive
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Water resistant: Yes

+ Check cotton lining

+ Stitched down peak and deep back

A waxed flat cap will keep the sun out of your eyes and the rain off your head. If the day is warmer it will protect your scalp from the rays too. Plus they look equally good on men and women, and all ages. Definitely one for our list of the best clothing for beaters.

Lisa on headwear: “Faux fur headbands and flat caps are great, but a beater would never need to wear a fedora. Baseball caps are a ‘no-no’, some gamekeepers don’t like them on shoots. ” (Read our list of the best shooting hats here.)


Must-haves for beating clothing

  • Longer fitted jackets that are thigh-length to keep the lower back warm  
  • Longer fitted sleeves on both jackets and shirts to protect from brambles
  • A good inexpensive fleece waistcoat as it’s hidden for most of the time (see our list of the best fleece gilets here)
  • Hood – to keep the head warm and dry
  • Pocket space – to carry phone, tissues, hip flask, snacks, gloves etc. 
  • Cosy soft cotton shirts that feel good on the skin when moving around and are breathable
  • Waxed flap cap 

What to avoid wearing when beating

  • Jackets that say they are waterproof when they aren’t
  • Jackets with poor performing zippers 
  • Lack of pocket space 
  • Non-breathable clothing
  • Formal shirts with a harder cotton texture that aren’t breathable 
  • Sweaty plastic waterproof trousers

Why not read our piece on what beaters know and Guns should here and see what you find yourself agreeing with.