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15 things you should know if you’re a driven shooter

How well do you know your way around the field?

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Relatively new to shooting? Enjoying your first season? Here’s what every driven shooter should be aware of.

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1. Invitation etiquette

A polite driven shooter will respond to shoot invitations promptly – whether you can come or not. You NEVER PBI (pending better invitation).

shoot briefing

2. Keeper’s briefing

Always listen carefully to the keeper’s briefing before you go out. You never chat to your neighbour or scroll on your phone.

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3. Driven shooting clothing

If you’re on a formal shoot you should wear a tie (as a mark of respect towards your quarry) or a silk scarf tucked into a shirt (for a lady). (Read our list of the best Tattersall check shirts.)

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4. Dogs must be well-behaved

Only well-trained dogs are welcome. Dogs that know their jobs both on the peg and off it.

Mobile phones in the field

5. Turn off the mobile

A shooter who lets his mobile ring during a drive or checks it constantly is unlikely to be invited back.

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6. Gun broken and in a gunslip

Every Gun at a shoot should know the shooting safety rules by heart and practise them in full.

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7. Don’t be greedy

Poaching birds from other Guns is not the done thing. (Read how to tell which is your bird and which is your neighbour’s.)

Loader and Gun

8. Listen to your loader

Loaders are a fount of knowledge. Listen to them.


Gamekeepers and their teams are the eyes, the ears, the very soul of the shoot

9. Respect gamekeepers

Without a keeper there wouldn’t be a shoot. Do what they say.

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10. No camouflage

Whilst camo has its place stalking and in some other disciplines there is no place for it on a driven shooting day. (Read our guide on what to wear shooting.)

Brace of pheasants

11. Take a brace of pheasant home

Eat what you shoot and if you don’t know how to cook pheasant or partridge then learn. We have plenty of game recipes here.

speed of birds in flight

12. Wear dark colours for grouse

On the grouse moor wear dark colours that will blend in with the surroundings, otherwise the birds will spot you.

Shotgun cartridges

13. Keep the field tidy

Always pick up your spent cartridges.

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14. Don’t slam car doors

Shut the doors of the vehicle you arrive in quietly, otherwise you will alert the birds.

Tipping at a shoot

15. Tipping

Don’t forget to tip. If you don’t tip, you’ll be remembered for all the wrong reasons. (Read our guide to tipping on a shoot day here.)

This article was published in 2016 and has been updated.