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If you go out shooting you’re going to need some sort of a shooting jacket or coat.

What you choose depends on what you’re going to be doing out in the field. If you’re deer stalking, you’re going to need something that you can wear silently, nothing that rustles.

Wildfowling jackets will need to be warm, waterproof and possibly in a camo pattern.

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The clay ground has its own rules

On the clay ground however you’re going to be looking for a jacket that lets you move freely – and it can be as bright as you want.

grouse shooting

Always wear dark colours on the grouse moor

On the grouse moor or driven shooting it’s another story. This is the time when tweeds come into their own and muted colours that reflect your surroundings.

However the one thing all jackets have in common is that they have to allow you to shoot your best, remain comfortable during whatever the weather throws at you and be durable.

Here’s a selection of shooting jackets to consider. You might also like to read our advice on what to wear shooting and what to wear clayshooting.

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The best clay shooting jackets

You can be very exposed to the wind and rain on a clay ground and that’s when layers come into their own. So we’ve picked out a selection of the best clay shooting jackets around which would work well in a layering system. Whilst we’re on the subject of layers,…

Tweed shooting coat

The best tweed shooting coats

A comfortable, breathable, stylish shooting coat is a key part of shooting clothing. While technical fabrics have been on the march in recent years, tweed still has a place in the hearts of traditional country people. So we’ve carefully looked at what is available to create a list of the…

best wildfowling jackets

Best wildfowling jackets – we put them to the test

Why we need the best wildfowling jackets It is 4am in mid-January. The Shipping Forecast warns of meteorological Armageddon from Gibraltar Point to North Foreland. Sleet like spittle taps the windows and a gusting north-easterly is making up its mind whether or not to remove the shed roof. In conditions…

best lightweight jackets for shooting

The best lightweight jackets for shooting

While the summer sun cracks the flagstones and sensible dogs seek shade, choosing a coat is probably the last thing on your mind. However, as we all know, the British weather is a fickle mistress. I am looking at four factors in my choice of autumn sporting coat when picking…

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The best waterproof shooting jackets

Good waterproof shooting jackets will see you right in the field all the year round. In the summer months when there is a monsoon type downpour you can just shrug off the WET and get on with the job in hand. During the winter, good waterproofing will make the difference…

Product spotlight: Kivikko anorak from Sasta

Sasta is a family run business that was founded in the wilderness of northern Finland over 50 years ago. At the heart of the brand is the ethos of equipping yourself properly when heading out into the great outdoors. All Sasta products are available from Outwear.

Mehto Pro 2.0 Jacket

The Sasta Hunting and Outdoor ranges are distributed by Outwear across the UK and Ireland

Kit for clay shooting and outdoor activities

Seeland strives to design, create and provide good value, well-made products that enhance your shooting experience.  Our clothing is designed by people who shoot for people who shoot. We know the fit and finish that is required, where zips and pockets should be placed, the importance of a well-placed vent.…

shooting smocks

Best shooting smocks

The best shooting smocks should be tough, resistant to thorns and brambles and pack away to almost nothing. They need to be breathable, lightweight, windproof and waterproof of course. In addition they should be comfortable to wear, easy to put on and take off, with room to put on layers…

GBSA Awards 2021

Shooting Apparel of the year – Harkila Pro Hunter Jacket

Shooting apparel of the year – Harkila Pro Hunter Jacket This jacket is an all round sportsman’s jacket. The fabric is incredibly quiet, and robust so as to move silently through thick brambles making it perfect for stalking deer. It’s also warm, although not so warm that it’s only suitable…

Testing shooting jackets

Testing, testing shooting jackets

Testing shooting jackets The four shooting coats 
I was sent to trial are all so totally different from one another that to judge them in comparison is unfair and ultimately pointless. Therefore, when I was set the task of testing shooting jackets, I shifted my mindset to the one with…

women's shooting clothing

Finally some shooting clothing for women that’s fit for purpose

As any female involved in fieldsports will know, buying women’s shooting clothing can be a bit of a nightmare. In decades past, I joined my first beating line and was clad in a wax jacket and trousers that disintegrated within a day. Many manufacturers overlooked us and in very recent —more…

Schoffel Ptarmigan Pro

Is this the ultimate shooting coat? The Schoffel Ptarmigan Pro review

The Schöffel Oakham fleece gilet was once the uniform for a select few — mainly land agents and traders of fine wine. Today, however, the “Cirencester life jacket” — and other staples from the Bavarian brand’s range — have become de rigueur. Schöffel now graces the cloak and boot rooms…

Bargain shooting kit

Bargain shooting kit you’ll want to snap up

Dubarry Leitrim women’s leather boots £149 WAS £279 Stylish and practical, these 3/4 height boots are made from Dubarry’s water resistant DryFast-DrySoft™ leathers, breathable and lined with GORE-TEX®. Dubarry Verney Carron Beauceron Vest £19.95 WAS £44.95 100% Cotton Hunting Vest from Verney Carron, France’s Premium Shooting Brand. Excellent quality and value…

what to wear game shooting

The Novice Shooter’s new clothes

It is evident that clothing is a significant expense when you take up shooting. It is vitally important to choose the right stuff, as no outdoor sport is fun in inappropriate attire. One advantage of the lengthy shotgun certificate application time was that I was able to buy the associated shooting…

midge proof clothing

How to stop midges spoiling your season

When the dark cloud descends, it’s not usually a rain cloud that ruins your day of shooting, but a swarm of midges biting your exposed flesh. We have rounded up the best midge proof clothing to keep the bugs at bay and to ensure your day in the countryside isn’t…