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Pheasant shooting must-reads

To mark the new season, we've rounded up some articles on pheasant shooting

flying pheasant

Flying pheasant

There’s an early morning nip in the air and the pheasant shooting season has begun. So here are some useful pheasant shooting must-reads covering everything from guns and ammunition to what to wear shooting. 

driven pheasant shooting

Driven pheasant shooting

1. What’s the best cartridge load for driven pheasants? 

Instructor Adam Calvert offers the benefit of his experience. He points out that cartridge choice depends on the gun you are using and whether it is a side-by-side or an over-and-under, suggesting some suitable ammunition for each. He also talks about recoil and the importance of using using the best cartridges for a particular day.

2. What is the best choke and cartridge combination for pheasant shooting?

Taking the time to find the best shotgun cartridge and choke blend for you this season will pay dividends. Here’s how to assess it.

Pheasant shooting

3. Popular shotguns for the pheasant season

What do readers and keen Shots rate as the top-performing game guns? We asked around and this is what people said. Each would perform on driven shoot days or walked-up days. Plus some tips on what you should consider when picking out a game gun.

4. How to know your bird on a driven pheasant day

Which is your bird? Which is your neighbour’s? Here is the etiquette a shooter should know, particularly if they want to follow correct form and be invited back again.

5. Pheasant shooting tips

Tom Payne has listed some useful advice, so that you can check your technique and that you are doing things correctly.

preparing for the new season

6. What to expect on your first day pheasant shooting

However much you’ve been looking forward to it, you may still be feeling a bit daunted. Here’s what you need to know about how to behave, what to wear, why you should listen carefully to the shoot captain, what not to do and why you should always tip and say your thank-yous.

7. Pheasant recipes 

Eating what you shoot is a key part of being a responsible shooter so make sure you take a brace home when offered. If you need some inspiration you’ll find plenty here.

shooting socks

8. How to wear your shooting socks 

Over the cuff of your breeks or under? Here’s what happened when we asked around. (For our list of the best shooting boots read here.)