Warm, comfortable feet won't make you a better Shot but cold feet certainly won't make for a successful day. So here are 12 pairs of socks that will keep your extremities cosy in the field.

Best socks for shooting – some tips

  • Whilst all the socks below are washable, make sure you look at the washing instructions carefully. If you wash and dry them too hot, they could well end up shrunken, tight and unwearable.
  • When you’re buying socks, look for those which have a reinforced toe and heel. Merino wool is wonderful, but a touch of nylon means you won’t get holes in areas of hard wear.
  • Don’t store your socks in a ball. Instead pair them together and then fold them toe to middle, then fold the cuff down. They’ll take up less space in a drawer that way and hold their shape.
  • Buy the right size for you. Too big and the heel will be in the wrong place, plus which the socks are liable to slide down your foot. Too small and they’ll be very uncomfortable and could cause blisters.
  • Our main irritation with socks is ones that fall down. We’ve roadtested these to make sure they stay up (some will need traditional garters).

Ginger & jardine Argyle socks

1. Ginger & Jardine Argyle long socks £6

Created from 75% bamboo, these socks are naturally odour resistant and have a cushioned sole. They have a luxuriously soft and silky feel which belies their price and the waffle top cuff ensures they won’t fall down.

best shooting socks

2. Heat Holders Ultimate Thermal Socks RRP £8.99

With a 2.3 tog rating these socks will keep your toes warm and toasty whilst out beating, game or clayshooting. A unique three-stage insulating process means that more warm air is held close to the skin, keeping feet warmer for longer. They may not be the most dazzling to look out but if you’re standing around on a frosty day they’ll do the job (and they do come in 11 different colours).


best socks for shooting

3. Thorlo mountain socks RRP £21.50

Shooting Times contributor Matt Cross is always up hill and down dale in Scotland and says he only wears “Thorlo socks, particularly their awesome mountain socks”. Well, that’s certainly a recommendation from one who knows.

Darn Tough Hiker Boot socks

4. Darn Tough Hiker Boot Sock £24

Created from Merino wool, these socks are cool in warm weather and warm in winter. I road-tested them out picking-up on a shoot recently and am a real convert. They stay put, don’t fall down into boots and have a substantial ‘feel’ without being bulky. They are guaranteed for life, which is an impressive claim.

best socks for shooting

5. Farlows Glen technical shooting socks RRP £24.95

Warm, comfortable, practical and made from a Merino wool blend. Perfect to wear with a pair of brogues for shooting.


Fur feather & fin dartmoor shooting socks

6. Fur Feather & Fin Dartmoor shooting socks £36.95

Made from 84% extra fine merino wool and 16% nylon. Usefully they are shrink resistant with reinforced toes and heels and come in four other colours as well as the Hummingbird Blue shown above.


best shooting socks

7. Sealskinz knee-length socks RRP £45

These socks are great for excursions in the shooting field. (Their gloves are highly recommended too.) They are 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable, with a Merino wool lining for added moisture control.


Purdey ladies shooting sock

8. Purdey ladies long shooting sock £45

Plain but perfect from Purdey. Long shooting socks in three different colours. Keep it simple and classy.


best socks for shooting

9. Grouse shooting socks RRP £55

Perfect for blending into the moor and in three different colours; bracken, marl and thistle. Made by Royal Warrant holders Campbells of Beauly, up in the Scottish Borders.


best socks for shooting

10. Almost Unwearoutable shooting socks RRP £60

These socks include a message of your choice in a contrasting colour.  “Gun/Dog” or “Sorry/My Bird” are some popular choices. You can create a personal message too  (maybe the name of your shoot or your dogs?)


best shooting socks

11. Farlows Rannock shooting sock and garter set RRP £64.99

These feature a classic lattice top with a matching garter (useful if you lose your garters or want to make sure they ‘go’ with the socks).  Made in a Merino acrylic blend.

Purdeys handknitted shooting socks

12. Purdey bubble tweed alpaca socks £295

Hand-knitted at home in the UK, each pair of these beautiful socks takes up to three weeks to create – so they are real works of art. They have a perfect seal at the knee and are designed for absolute comfort, created from 11% baby alpaca wool. In four different colours they are a real treat for feet.